Sunday, 7 August 2011

OPI pink-astrophe gradient

Pictures first.

  • VNL? No problem with VNL in THIS house.
  • 3 coats and still streaky? Now that IS cack.
  • On goes plenty FlorMar to attempt to rectify matters. Hm, tolerable.
  • But I shouldn't even have bought this mini-set. Seduced by cheapitude at Tk Maxx. Serves me right, huh?
  • The colours (!) are Alpine White, Bubble Bath and something along the lines of Pink-ing or Pink-est (frankly I don't care) + a RapiDry
  • I'm sure the box said 'Princess Rule' but I chucked the box and I'm not going through my recycling bin just for that!

Oh, yeah. Princesses. As the mother of two daughters and grandmother of very small grand-daughter plus I'm a woman myself (yeah!) I deplore the whole girlie-princess thing. Ladies, if your idea of success is marrying some ghastly chap and sponging off him then you're welcome but I don't share your ambition and never have. Girls don't need heels as much as the ability to run fast and deal a knockout blow if absolutely necessary. Girls don't need tiaras (leave that to Elton John) as much as brains and education. Girls don't need petticoats as much as they need gumption.

In short, pink polish is fine. Pink/fluffy attitudes and aspirations? No.

Blog sale tomorrow. Best time?


  1. Hey there! You look good in pink, especially the one on your middle finger.
    I would like to invite you to enter my giveaway for some glittertastic glittaz today! I will wait to draw the winner until 8pm pacific time so you can still enter.

  2. Well put Jenni!! Lots of people especially my female friends get on my case when we get to talking about gender typical patterns and gender roles (can we say social construct). I guess because maybe they feel I'm attacking them but really I'm only trying to get at what you so perfectly summed up so nicely at the end of this post. =) As for best time, I'd say open in the morning as some people only have a little time to browse before their day starts (I'm not one of those but hey give 'em a chance right?).