Saturday, 31 March 2012

Glitter Gal Blue

Just plain 'blue'. For one of the most mind-blowing polishes there is! Tut.

  • Not a blue that suits me at all but I don't care.
  • Formula perfect.
  • Available in the UK from 
  • You'd be crazy not to get some Glitter Gal UNLESS you don't like superb holos. There may just be some polish-addicts out there who don't. Who's to know?
How much do you like a good holo? 10 being a complete nut and 0 being beyond indifferent.


Friday, 30 March 2012

Kiko Purple Constellation 354 (possibly Constellation Purple...)

Na na na na na na. I've got this and you probably haven't!
Oops, sorry. I'll stop gloating now. That wasn't very nice... :o(

  • Same polish. This isn't a duochrome as such but it is very different in different lighting.
  • I paid more for this on ebay than you would in the shop. I believe it's only available in Westfield in the UK (London???). But it's definitely worth £8. I think Kiko is quite an inexpensive brand. Extraordinary.
  • Formula excellent.
  • Longevity excellent.
  • Brush pretty good.
  • Max Factor FF was made to layer over this!
  • I have worn this 3 times in 6 weeks and that NEVER happens.
  • It's way better IRL than my cruddy pix.
Gratuitous grand-daughter photo taken on 'phone

Baby wants to stroke cat. Cat scarpers. Wise feline.

Do you have any Kiko? I think it's a dupe for a Zoya polish but can't remember which one.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mavala Sparkling Red

Dontcha just love it when companies go to such trouble to name their polishes?

Supposedly red holo glitter. This is over Glitter Gal Light as a Feather and Color Club mini Silver Glitter. Not sure if it looks as if I have a disease/fungal infection/shingles/bubonic plague. Hey, I was too lazy to do a fresh mani so what do I expect?

The Mavala is quite gritty and does need one layer of topcoat. Not two. One.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Big Baby

As in headbands.
And necklaces.
And rings.
And brooches.
And keyrings and earrings and....  

The sun has washed out these colours so definitely check out!
So many goodies. so many preeeettty things.
And the service from Lisa Angel is fab!

I think I want a 'dog' headband next. My cart currently has 3 items in it and I get paid tomorrow. Da da DUMMMMMM!

Likey or not so much?


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Flowers and flutterbys....

(Or is it flutterbies? No, that doesn't look right.)

I'm probably better at card-making than nail-painting. Well, it's easier.

I save up sweet wrappers, commercial cards we're given, all sorts of bits and bobs.
This brown card that I cut up (the photos are SHOCKING, sorry) was a colleague's. I begged the envelope off her as it was very pretty and she gave me the whole card (long story).

I added a padded yellow butterfly to give the green card a bit of the old 3D as it had no flower on it. I don't like the wishes tags but I'm using them up. I hate waste. 

What do you do in an arty/crafty sort of way? I am now so into headbands I might try that next. Just shoving  funky stuff on a cheap ivory or black fabric alice band.... Is that called steam-punk? What IS steam-punk? Please help.



Monday, 26 March 2012

Silver holo - Glitter Gal - it doesn't get better than this

This has to be the holo BIGGIE. The holo Holy Grail.

Index - GG Light as a Feather (grey holo)
Middle and Ring - GG Silver
Little - M&S Rainbow

For quality and coverage, formula, ease of use and longevity the Glitter Gals are the best holos there are. Get them in the UK from SJM Well. Stop muckin' about.

(I have no connection with SJM Well. Apart from wishing her well with her business!)

"Feather" is so pretty. "Silver" is just wow. Rainbow by M&S is a good polish and fairly holo (even has a slight linear effect) but nothing matches up to Silver. So in this company the M&S is just another silver with holo glitter

Please support British enterprise and maybe buy some Glitter Gal. Although we know GG is an Australian company...But that's beside the point.

Some people hate crackles but is there anyone who doesn't like linear holo? I'd say that person doesn't exist - even rarer than an honest politician.


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Grunge gradient (sort of)...

I love* what nail bloggers commonly describe as 'baby poo' shades.

Forgive dodgy tips - not very good at accurate filing.

CG Classic Camel, Misa Hot Couture, BB Couture Stick Shift, Attitude Military

Started as this (above) but that's very boring so I put Essie Shine of the Times over it. And it IS less boring but only by about 0.97%. Hey ho. PLUS I later decided I hated it. Looked like nicotine nails.

*I no longer love them. I have gone off them. Just like that...


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Glitter Gal in the UK - Thanks to SJM Well - grey holographic

Oh, yeah. You probably knew this already but there's no harm in repeating it.

SJM Well Nails & Beauty! In the UK. Glitter Gal (aka maker of the best, most reliable, least fussy holo polishes EVAH!) now has a UK stockist. No longer need we send abroad for these and wait for what seems like half a century for their arrival.

This one is Light as a Feather. Extremely well-named. You know you want them. Ring finger is mattified - don't think mattifying works with light colours. Won't do it again.

If you've ever struggled to apply holos (I'm thinking GOSH and, to a lesser extent, Nubar) then your anguish is over.

Plus there are new Glitter Gals coming out soon. Keep checking the website.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

New obsession - hairbands

Or is it headbands? I end up googling both just to be sure.

This started with me planning for my 'mother-of-the-bride' outfit. Didn't think I'd want to wear a hat all day (but I do love hats) so looked at those dratted fascinators. Didn't want to poke someone's eye out so downsized again to headbands and a new desire for accessories was born!

This one is called 'Pirate Jenny' and guess what!? That's my name!
*strikes own forehead

Love this site and can recommend this seller. Also got this one.

How do you feel about wedding hair treatments for guests? Hats? Fascinators? Unadorned hair?

Folksy is good too. So now I spend a substantial amount of time searching for the perfect headband. I have 10 thus far. None of them will appear at the wedding. Still searching.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wedding news - looking for a dress

No, not me, obviously! Daughter number 2.

Everyone seems to love a wedding judging by all the TV programmes.

Daughter 2 gets married this July. Looking at the bodice in this (blurry camera) photo I don't think this is the dress she chose but it's similar. I don't think there's any beading on the bodice of the actual dress. She went for plain as plain. Good choice for her.

She is now troubled by her tattoos. Ha! We told her she'd regret them. They are actually very well done though. But

Anyone got any wedding advice? Despite NOT being a wedding-groupie (two registry office ceremonies for me) I am actually excited about it! And I've even started trawling websites though her mother-in-law is the one doing the actual organising as she's closer.

Ramble over. Tips? For brides or mothers of the bride?


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

2true Crystal, China Glaze CG in the City, Max Factor Fantasy Fire and a heart stencil mattified

Oo, nasty, nasty cuticles!
Nice, nice polish.

And Fantasy Fire ain't all that great.  #justSAYING
Also 2true is blindingly good quality and even better value. Hie thee hence to Superdrug.

A long absent (no problems or anything - just takin' a break) Jenni