Friday, 30 March 2012

Kiko Purple Constellation 354 (possibly Constellation Purple...)

Na na na na na na. I've got this and you probably haven't!
Oops, sorry. I'll stop gloating now. That wasn't very nice... :o(

  • Same polish. This isn't a duochrome as such but it is very different in different lighting.
  • I paid more for this on ebay than you would in the shop. I believe it's only available in Westfield in the UK (London???). But it's definitely worth £8. I think Kiko is quite an inexpensive brand. Extraordinary.
  • Formula excellent.
  • Longevity excellent.
  • Brush pretty good.
  • Max Factor FF was made to layer over this!
  • I have worn this 3 times in 6 weeks and that NEVER happens.
  • It's way better IRL than my cruddy pix.
Gratuitous grand-daughter photo taken on 'phone

Baby wants to stroke cat. Cat scarpers. Wise feline.

Do you have any Kiko? I think it's a dupe for a Zoya polish but can't remember which one.


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