Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wedding news - looking for a dress

No, not me, obviously! Daughter number 2.

Everyone seems to love a wedding judging by all the TV programmes.

Daughter 2 gets married this July. Looking at the bodice in this (blurry camera) photo I don't think this is the dress she chose but it's similar. I don't think there's any beading on the bodice of the actual dress. She went for plain as plain. Good choice for her.

She is now troubled by her tattoos. Ha! We told her she'd regret them. They are actually very well done though. But

Anyone got any wedding advice? Despite NOT being a wedding-groupie (two registry office ceremonies for me) I am actually excited about it! And I've even started trawling websites though her mother-in-law is the one doing the actual organising as she's closer.

Ramble over. Tips? For brides or mothers of the bride?



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  2. Dermablend will cover tattoos. Google Dermablend Zombie Boy for a very good video example of how well it works. My friend used it for her wedding.