Monday, 26 March 2012

Silver holo - Glitter Gal - it doesn't get better than this

This has to be the holo BIGGIE. The holo Holy Grail.

Index - GG Light as a Feather (grey holo)
Middle and Ring - GG Silver
Little - M&S Rainbow

For quality and coverage, formula, ease of use and longevity the Glitter Gals are the best holos there are. Get them in the UK from SJM Well. Stop muckin' about.

(I have no connection with SJM Well. Apart from wishing her well with her business!)

"Feather" is so pretty. "Silver" is just wow. Rainbow by M&S is a good polish and fairly holo (even has a slight linear effect) but nothing matches up to Silver. So in this company the M&S is just another silver with holo glitter

Please support British enterprise and maybe buy some Glitter Gal. Although we know GG is an Australian company...But that's beside the point.

Some people hate crackles but is there anyone who doesn't like linear holo? I'd say that person doesn't exist - even rarer than an honest politician.



  1. These look ace- off to check out the website.

  2. this looks amazing, I didn't know they sold glitter gal in the uk, just going to have a look now : )
    ps. glad your back to posting : )

  3. omg china glaze feather is my favourite. And this surprises me as I thought I would have gone for the most obvious holo effect. Superb post, thank you very much.
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

    oh no, please remove the captcha from the website, i beg you
    it's so difficult to decipher. xx

  4. Glitter Gal's Silver is so stunning o-O!