Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Flowers and flutterbys....

(Or is it flutterbies? No, that doesn't look right.)

I'm probably better at card-making than nail-painting. Well, it's easier.

I save up sweet wrappers, commercial cards we're given, all sorts of bits and bobs.
This brown card that I cut up (the photos are SHOCKING, sorry) was a colleague's. I begged the envelope off her as it was very pretty and she gave me the whole card (long story).

I added a padded yellow butterfly to give the green card a bit of the old 3D as it had no flower on it. I don't like the wishes tags but I'm using them up. I hate waste. 

What do you do in an arty/crafty sort of way? I am now so into headbands I might try that next. Just shoving  funky stuff on a cheap ivory or black fabric alice band.... Is that called steam-punk? What IS steam-punk? Please help.




  1. Those are really pretty, I was never any good at taking a bunch of stuff and amalgamating it into something different and pretty, I'm more of a knitter.

    Steampunk is kinda complex, but basically it's a alternate universe most commonly based on Victorian England. Depending on each 'verse's creator there may just be steam-powered and clockwork technology or there might also be alchemy and elements of the supernatural.
    Technically you could call any accessory that looks Victorian steampunk, but if you want something that reads steampunk at first glance your funky stuff should look like it's some kind of clockwork gizmo.

    Sorry about the rambling. :-D Btw, as for the plural for flutterby, I'd say it works like passerby, so fluttersby?

    1. No, that's a brilliant explanation. Thank you!

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