Thursday, 22 March 2012

New obsession - hairbands

Or is it headbands? I end up googling both just to be sure.

This started with me planning for my 'mother-of-the-bride' outfit. Didn't think I'd want to wear a hat all day (but I do love hats) so looked at those dratted fascinators. Didn't want to poke someone's eye out so downsized again to headbands and a new desire for accessories was born!

This one is called 'Pirate Jenny' and guess what!? That's my name!
*strikes own forehead

Love this site and can recommend this seller. Also got this one.

How do you feel about wedding hair treatments for guests? Hats? Fascinators? Unadorned hair?

Folksy is good too. So now I spend a substantial amount of time searching for the perfect headband. I have 10 thus far. None of them will appear at the wedding. Still searching.



  1. You're back, you're back, you're back!!! :D yaaay :D I've really really missed your blog! I love the headbands, I love seeing huge flamboyant hats at weddings, but no fascinators like Princess Beatrice... :| I love most other fascinators though haha. Lots of feathers is my favourite. xxx

    1. Thank you! Oh, feathers. Noooooooooooo!

  2. Very pro-ridiculous-headwear. I went on a major headband frenzy last year and convinced myself that I could pull them off for about a solid three months. My favorite place to get them was here--might find something wedding appropriate? .

    1. I love etsy and folksy and I can totally pull it off! Well, just try telling me I can't!