Thursday, 11 August 2011

LIP WARS! Sleek Pout Paint v OCC Lip Tar

This is smudgy because I didn't mess with it for the photo. I tidied it up with a brush afterwards!
I don't suggest these colours are dupes. They are obviously not. But they were compatible to be worn together.
Top lip: Sleek Mauve On
Lower lip: OCC Katricia

Not peppermint-y, neutral flavour
Maybe a little drier in the tube and more reluctant to squeeze out
Seems a lot glossier on the lip (which is odd considering the point immediately above)
May need a smidgen more product to achieve coverage - but quantities are so small it's irrelevant really
Seems less likely to transfer onto the teeth which can be a big problem with the OCC
It did quickly transfer onto the lower lip - is it more highly pigmented/stronger than the OCC? Maybe

Dries matte on the lip
Pigments seem from the photo to be less evenly distributed - I've had the OCC longer but didn't notice any problem in the tube - I have heard that some separation can occur in Lip Tars
Does have a sharp minty tang - less so than some of the other shades though - I know some people quite dislike it

Yes, I applied with sponges. I have found it works quite well with these. It's hard to keep lip-brushes clean and remove product whereas the sponges are ten-a-penny and you can easily keep them and match them to the correct shade at a later date.
  • Quantities are identical.
  • OCC tube marginally more workable because of the 'gradient' but you have to use brushes (or sponges) for these anyway - do not apply directly
Have to award the laurel wreath to Sleek. I do think it's a better product at a lower price (normally a fiver but currently 3 for £10 at the moment) and it's readily available from Superdrug or online in the UK. A clear knock-out win for Sleek. Not even a victory on points. Knock-out. OCC however do more colours and were initially aimed at the professional make-up artist (I think) who does a lot of blending. So if you are super-creative/innovative with your cosmetics then I'd suggest you get lots of the Sleek and supplement any blending shades from the OCC range.

I really rate the Sleek so I had better reiterate that I bought these myself and I've never had a product given to me for review by anyone. Lest you think I am too ardent in my support!



  1. This is a good review, well reasoned. I was thinking along the same lines as you, but unfortunately Sleek's terrible customer service makes me prefer to pay more so I can support OCC instead of Sleek.

  2. I got this Sleek's pout paint in Pin Up... it's gorgeous! I even mixed a drop of it in my Dr Pepper lipsmackers lipgloss I got from primark :) (its nice in the lipgloss, made it nice and tinted ^_^) I found I need to use a lip brush rather than my finger to apply it cos I'm a little tiny bit obsessed with PERFECT lipstick (I'll sit there for 45 minutes getting it perfect!)

  3. I have one lip tar and agree with you it always transfers to the teeth which I hate. My sleek one don't have that problem. I hope sleek later comes out with more colours like occ.

  4. This is such a good post. I've already applied your genius trick of applying the pout paint with the sponge tip and it works wonders. you should find your mention somewhere in my post. I am sorry i was in a rush and didn't have time to give a proper link. it BUGS me so much that i am in love with the sleek pout paints. rumour has it that they're going to do a black. if rumour is true, what are the chances it will be out in the Halloween Season? umm, oh well, never mind :/ xx