Thursday, 25 August 2011

The embarrassing story of a frog...

2009 - went to Canada on holiday. Stayed first in Montreal and then Mont Tremblant.

Hotel in Tremblant had its own little lake. Cue frog. This was a big frog. Just bear that in mind.

Now what does this frog have that's a little unusual? A very long tail. I was convinced I'd discovered a mutant frog at the least or a new species at best. When I got home I emailed lots of Canadian universities with my discovery. Anura Jenniferiana I thought it might be known as. I'd be hailed as the Linnaeus/Attenborough of my generation! I did get Biology 'O' level, after all. That makes me a naturalist, right? Also a naturist (but that's another story).

Er, no. It was not to be. I received very kind responses which did not treat me like a moron (for which I am grateful to the native politeness of the Canadian) that informed me it's a froglet. The tail was soon to disappear. I think it absorbs into the body rather than just falls off. Freaky.

I tell you something for nothing. You don't get baby frogs that size in the UK!

Any road up - in my researches I found out a lot about frogs. All of which I have subsequently forgotten. But one thing I do know. There are some really cute ones out there.

Unnamed Canadian lake. They have so many they don't even bother to name them all! So cool.



  1. Did you just use the words 'cute' and 'frog' in the same sentence?


  2. Aww he is just adorable! I looove frogs.

  3. Oh boy FROGLET, even the name is silly... it was nice that he said hello though!

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. and giving us call all the information. Thanks for the fun challenge!