Sunday, 31 July 2011

W7 mega matte lips

Ugh, you say, who wants matte lips? We want glossy lips. Seductive, kissable lips.

That's as maybe but...
1 What if you don't like the gloopy feel of glossy lips?
2 What if you have old lips which have lost outline and pigmentation and want your lips to look fuller and not have shine distracting the eye and minimising the area?
3 What if you have thin lips and want to enhance them (see above)?
4 What if you are after a fairly natural look that's easy to maintain?
5 And other stuff...

Anyway, I found these in TJ Hughes (closing down, get there fast) and got 2 for under £3.

I love this, I do. Can't find a number or name on it but the print is fearfully tiny so it may be there somewhere. They do a variety but they're all pretty much of a muchness. Didn't prevent me from buying 2 though. Feels so velvety. Love matte lips.

(See how good beauty uk shatter polish is? Yes?)
Oh, and the cap is itself matte. How cool is that? I do love the feel of matte rubber tops and lids to beauty products. Like Orly polishes. Fab.

My lips used to be fuller and plumper and so forth. Shine on the lips just gives the effect of lustre but doesn't really suit the *ahem* more mature woman. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Forgive hideous grey.



  1. I love matte lips. I like glossy shine too but matte seems sort of classier to me. Also I HATE sticky lipgloss.

  2. I love that rubberised matte finish packaging too!

    I have always been a fan of matte make-up, even when I was a fresh-faced teen. I think it was because in the 90s, 'luxe' always meant matte, autumnal shades, so I associate them with glamour (whereas gloss is fab BUT I associate it with a quick slick before popping out to work/college/the pub). Matte just seems classier!

  3. I love matte lips, shiny ones look so dated and with long hair having gloopy lips is a logistical nightmare. I must pop into TJ Hughes before it goes. x

  4. Matte doesn't suit me on lips. Or eyeshadow for that matter. I prefer it glossy although I'm sure I just end up eating most of it. Funny how one thing can look so good on one person (you) and absolutely ridiculous on another (me).
    I've only ever seen W7 online, do any other bricks and mortar shops sell it? I hope the downfall of TJ Hughes doesn't mean W7 dies too.

  5. TJ Hughes are closing down? WHAAAAAAAA please tell me it's not true.

    I have a W7 gel eyeliner I'm yet to even open. I may have to have a look at these matte lips things but they remind me of the Collection 2000 Cream thingies which I also want to try.

    You look pimpin' in the last pic. That's young people's slang for 'cool'. :P x

  6. Love that last photo--great to see the lips in context!

  7. my tj hughes (well, the one which costs me £7 to visit) doesn't nice stuff like that. It's probably shut anyways. will you tell me on twitter what's the smell/taste is like?
    I really want this and am obsessed with matte lips at the moment xx