Friday, 8 July 2011

Mavala Romantic

Nowt special. Just a perfectly bog-standard coral-pink. 2 coats.
But still it's the excellent quality I now expect of Mavala. It gets me every time! I think, "This one's going to be a bit thin and weedy. It'll need more coats than a skinny girl in Saskatchewan." (Oh, and isn't Kate Middleton too THIN!)

Every time the polish turns out to be a thick (but not overly thick) 2-coater! How do they do that? Bizarre.

Where to get Mavala?
  • ebay
  • Beauty Bay - this and the 2 greens were from BB but I should have got a bigger order as the P&P was a leeeeettle high
  • Amazon
  • Lloyds pharmacy locally

1 comment:

  1. Pretty. And yes she's is very thin, I'm most fascinated by her lack of hips (as someone who is overendowed in the hip department). It's obviously her natural body shape as Pippa is v. similar but how she's gonna do her sprogging duty?!