Saturday, 30 July 2011

Giveaway - GOSH Holographic

It is but a humble bottle of polish I offer. Somewhat careworn and tattered (probably due to having been languishing in the back of my local NotSoSuperDrug for aeons) but unopened, unused, untried nonetheless. A virgin bottle of holo goodness. Although, I have to admit, I have never managed to make it work for me. It has never agreed with any base coat I use. I know some people prefer to apply it to unprepared nails to avoid streaks but I can't bear not to prep my nails. Be warned. The results can be spectacular but it is temperamental.

  • Open to my first 300 followers only. This isn't a desperate gambit to acquire new followers. This includes Trixx who appears to be 301 but I stupidly managed to follow myself in the early days so 301 is the cut-off point.
  • Open internationally as it's just 1 ickle bockle.
  • 1 entry each for leaving your contact details in comments below and stating a. which polish in your collection you'd be MOST reluctant to giveaway b. which polish in the whole, wide world you wish you could have c. whether or not you already have this polish.
  • If you don't have it then you get an extra entry as I'd prefer it to find a home with someone who doesn't have it already as it's one of those HTF/rare/niche/Holy Grail polishes. So I'm enhancing the odds for those who don't have it. And if you're a blogger I can check! Sneaky and suspicious,  moi?
  • Closes (hm, now let me think) 9th August.
If I've forgotten anything then please let me know.

Bonne chance!



  1. Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC: Carmen Yeung

    a) ChG Let's Do It In 3-D
    b) Clarins 230
    c) I don't have Gosh Holo

  2. I'd be most reluctant to give away my gorgeous 17 Peacock, I lust after the whole Models Own range of glitters- want them all. And I don't have Holographic already- I can never find it!
    Great giveaway xxx

  3. a)I'd be most reluctant to give away Nubar 2010. I love flakies.

    b)I'm still lusting after Orly's Space Cadet / or a dupe.

    c) Do not own it.

    Thanks for the give away :]

  4. EM:

    a: OPI DS Glamour, it sparked my obsession with polish again

    b: I'm lusting after ALL of the Oztic's

    c: I do not have this one, the only holos I own are DS Glamour and a few of the Kalidescopes.

  5. Email:
    1. My very first China Glaze- Gamer Glam, its not that special but its my first non- drugstore polish!
    2. I really want Orly - Fancy Fuchsia !
    3. Do not own it.
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

    a. barry m blueberry ice cream
    b. barry m blue moon
    c. I dont have this polish

  7. Contact details: following via deja vu.

    A. I'd be most reluctant to giveaway the new Milani Jewel FX - 'Gems' dupe for Deborah Lippmann's 'Happy Birthday.' I have fallen in love with chunky glitters.
    B. I've really been wanting GOSH holographic and GOSH rainbow for the longest time followed by China Glaze's For Audrey. These three polishes were the first that ever made it on my wishlist.
    C. I currently do not own holographic or the other two polishes I mentioned.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

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  9. Contact deets; girlsboysandmarsupials [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk {sorry I don't want spam bots getting my email again haha}

    A) I'd be most reluctant to give away my A-England - Lady Of The Lake. It's the only holo I own and I love it to bits!!!! Gorgeous purple and really glossy and the holo makes me say 'wow' every time the sun hits my nails :D Its absolutely stunning! Get lots of compliments when I wear it :)

    B) Gosh Holographic (I think I literally drooled when I first saw pics of it!), GOSH Rainbow and OPI Rainbow Connection

    C) I don't have this polish :(

    Thank's for the AMAZING giveaway!!!

  10. Contact - (following as NailNewbie)

    a. Either China Glaze Agent Lavender (which I got from your good self and was my first China Glaze) or OPI Parlez Vous OPI as it's the one I go back to time after time. Neither are paticularly special, but they are to me :)
    b. GOSH Holographic is pretty close to, if not at, the top of my wishlist. Other than that China Glaze Ahoy or OPI I Lily Love You
    c. Nope, don't have it.


  11. Hi, I'm one of the new follower :) My email is
    a. I'm ashamed because my collection is very small but my answer is BeautyUK Slate
    b. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
    c. I do not have it

  12. a. I would never give away any of my holos! (All Color Club)
    b. I want Clarins 230!
    c. I don't have it. :(

  13. Oops! Forgot my contact info.
    GFC : Lovely Addison or Adrienne82891

  14. peripatetic33
    i would be most reluctant to give away Maybelline Express Fairy Pretty
    i wish i could have Alessandro Green Green Baby
    no i do not have Alessandro Green Green Baby yet
    no i do not have GOSH Holographic yet

  15. Lovely giveaway :)
    GFC: Joy
    Email: dearjoy[at]
    a) I'd be most reluctant about my Barry M Navy or Barry M Berry Ice Cream - two of my favourite polishes
    b) I really want OPI Teenage Dream
    c) No, I don't already own this

  16. Nice giveaway!
    GFC: Kelly
    maniezkelly at gmail dot com
    a)I would never give away Sally Hansen the real teal
    b)I wish I could have Orly Sapphire silk
    c) No I don't own Gosh Holorafic and if I Win, it will me my first Gosh but also my first holografic

  17. congratulations on reaching 300 followers and thanks for the great giveaway
    gfc: nail loopy
    email is
    a) erm... opi opening night gold, because its gorgeous and i will never be able to find it again loll
    b) i really want opi, jade is the new black
    c) sadly i do not have this nail polish : (

  18. hello my lovely! What a generous giveaway!
    GFC - LemonyEmily
    email: emilyvslife(at)
    i would hate to give up my black nail art pen - as simple as it sounds, i use it for nearly every design i do, and im not as good with a brush!

    i reeeally want all the Del Sol colour changing polishes, i think theyre awesome! or any deborah lippman!

    i dont own Gosh Holo!

    cheers my darl, good luck choosing a winner! xxx

  19. What an awesome giveaway!!!
    GFC: meligant
    a) i'd hate to part with mus madeleine <3
    b) i'd love to get my hands on this polish and opi mpj charcoal holo.. and chanel holographic.. eventhough that's just in my dreams lol
    c) nope sadly i don't own this pretty :(

    Thanks sooo much for this giveaway!



  20. wow, awesome giveaway

    GFC: jansku

    a. Opi Big hair...Big nails
    b. i want Gosh rainbow so bad
    c. i don't have this pretty color D:

  21. Too cool! I follow with my Google Reader, does that count? I'm perfectly okay if it doesn't, but just in case, I'll leave my deets. My email is original.wacky[at], and my blog is at
    A. The polish I could NOT part with is my Essie Dominica.
    B. I really want Gosh Holographic the most. A close second would be Chanel Cobra.
    C. Nope, I do not have this, but I'm hopeful that someday one will come live with me.
    Like I said, if I don't qualify, I am totally not going to be upset, it's all good.

  22. I follow through GFC, PolishPig

    1. Clarins 230
    2. Chanel Holographic
    3. No, I don't have this one and it has been on my lemming list since forever.. :-)

  23. GFC Sarah
    sarahkwoodall at gmail dot com
    1. nubar 2010
    2. nubar reclaim
    3. nope, i don't have this one

  24. This is really a great giveaway! Thanks a lot for making it international, i'm really happy that i get to participate; i just hope I'm not too late! I am a follower via GFC as irina and my email address is

    A) I would hate to give away/lose/damage/use up my bottle of Essie Ruby Slippers; it's the most beautiful red i have, and I am crazy about reds
    B) I would love to have Mad as a Hatter or Clarins 230 or an amazing Nubar polish; i have so many lemmings that the list could be endless
    C) I don't own this pretty Gosh polish