Sunday, 17 July 2011

Leighton Denny Miss Behavin'

I like blue least of all possible nail colours on me (except perhaps red which is such a cliche) but I am currently sporting blue polish on both hands. Not the SAME blue. Obviously.

2 coats of LD which is plenty, plenty. I think Leighton Denny is the best polish I have ever tried. I do wish it weren't so expensive. This colour has shimmer, depth and a jewel-like quality. Exquisite.

I have tried my very best to source LD more cheaply but they keep a very tight hold on their distribution. There isn't even a sale section on their own website! Grrr.

When they come up as a magazine freebie then BUY THE blahddy magazine. This is a mini that I got from TK Maxx. Four for eleven quid. 4.6 ml bottles but totally worth it. I tell you no lies.



  1. Oh so pretty! It's all twinkly like stars :D

  2. I love that colour, I used to get a Revlon colour very similar called Ink off the market and was gutted when they discontinued it. x

  3. thats a gorgeous colour and it looks really nice on you, i've never tried leighton denny but might get some now after reading this : )