Saturday, 9 July 2011

Boots 17 Hide & Chic - not so much YSL Touche Eclat as...

...a bit of paint and a few bristles in a plastic case.

One of those promo teasers - spend a fiver (I think it was) and get the following for nowt.

The one to which I am pointing is Pink Grapefruit. The other Knockout Red. And I did actually want Pink G so that was fair enough. Heart stickers? Maybe not so much. But who can resist a freebie? Rhetorical question.

OK, now to review the items for which I paid.

  1. Even Tone Corrector Stick - if you have cheeks as rosy as mine (think tomatoes crossed with traffic lights) then you need a greenstick and this one is fine TICK VG
  2. Hide & Chic Eye Brightening Concealer in Light Rose
  • problemo numero uno: the number of times you have to twist the top to get any fluid to the bristles, thought it was never going to work
  • the amount was negligible and dried almost instantly on the skin making blending an impossibility
  • I had to cover over it with another, more accommodating, concealer
  • Touche Eclat it ain't, looking for a dupe? this ain't it - you could just smudge anything beneath your eyes (emulsion?) and it'd be better than this
The pictures are poor but I'm not recommending this so I didn't bother with pictorial verisimilitude. The polishes will be reviewed in due course.



  1. Despite having ridiculously red cheeks I've never actually liked green correctors, maybe it's because I'm so pale but I always just end up looking a bit green! I love the free nail art stickers, pink leopard print hearts? Yes please!

  2. I never get along well with these corrector sticks, they always seems to make me spotty and I always gets the stuff everywhere when I twist the end for ages and then it all comes out at once :/
    I love the pink grapefruit polish and knockout red is my favourite reds, especially for the price! :) xx