Monday, 18 July 2011

China Glaze First Mate

Any decent blogger would be ashamed to post this. But I have no shame.

Honestly. The cuticle remover has completely knackered the skin round my nails. Hey ho.

2 coats of this gorgeous 'dirty' blue. Lovely quality.

Begs the perennial question. China Glaze or OPI? Ditch it or dig it? If one company had to bite the dust which should it be? I'd ditch OPI. They are loads more expensive and do too many boring colours. Plus they got into commercial bed with L'Oreal which isn't all it should be on the animal experimentation front.



  1. I love this polish... always have!

  2. China Glaze for the win.

    This is gorgeous, btw.

  3. China Glaze gets my vote too. There are at east 5 CG's I'm after, but only OPI Red Shatter is on my wishlist, and I think I've found a dupe for it.
    Where did you get this? I want a couple from the Anchors Away collection, but because my bum cheeks squeak when I walk I don't want to pay too much...

  4. If I have to boot one out, it's OPI.

  5. Your cuticles are nothing compared to mine! Mine are truly hideous :P I would get rid of OPI, there are quite a few I like but there are tonnes more china glaze and they're cheaper and often in more fun colours!