Monday, 4 July 2011

Mavala Khaki Vintage

Ordered this online and was disappointed when it arrived.

"Thin green shimmer, huh? Well, this'll take about 8 coats then. Oh, dear. Maybe I shan't bother then." WRONG. It's green and it's grey and it's soft and it's shimmery.

It's actually rather thick too and took only 2 coats which was plenty! Plus topcoat. Jumping Jehosophat, but this is one cool polish. I know Mavala works out pretty expensive when you consider the bottle holds only 5ml. But Mavala are really impressing me quality-wise. Their ridge-filler is excellent. And that's high praise from me. The woman with ridges deeper than the Grand Canyon.

I have 2 more to show you. Mavala doesn't get much love on UK blogs which is a shame.

PS Comments promptly attended to...


  1. Where do you get your Mavala polishes from? This colour is lovely on you but would make my hands look like those of a dead woman.

  2. Lovely colour, I too have always been impressed by Mavala. Before I discovered Seche Vite Restore I used their thinner and base & top coat.