Thursday, 14 July 2011

Attitude Asteroid

For some reason I have become addicted to funky-French manis! So this one has foil tips. Then a clear-based glitter coat over the top. My index nail is especially yellow but ... what can ya do?

This British brand is Star Nails Attitude. Apparently it's mostly available in salons. Don't think I've ever seen it however. I bought mine online (usual suspects) and they manufacture some funky colours and I do recommend their polishes. The bottles are 14ml (whoever said that size isn't important simply lied) and you can always get them for two or three quid. Result.



  1. I love this funky french! I have a few attitudes but not as lovely as this one :)

  2. Loving the funky french! Foil + glitter looks great :) x

  3. Ooo i love a good funky french mani. They remind me of mermaid nails! x