Sunday, 3 July 2011

Comments and how to handle them...

I fear I am a very bad blogger (yes, yes, in addition to the dodgy camera-work and rubbish cuticles) and am hopeless with comments made.

 (This is a tinkering mani with W7 Earthquake Silver, Barry M Nail Effects in black, Boots 17 matte coat, topoat over ring finger and then W7 again over the original Nubar Knight's Armour.)

I don't seem to know how to acknowledge comments properly and I feel guilty about it. I love getting them but I just think I'm not paying them enough respect. It gets to the point where I don't want to/am afraid to read them in case someone left me a really lovely comment or question and it's obvious I haven't been paying proper attention and what will people think of me for not having made a super-prompt response.

I do not know how you peeps with big followings cope! Does it prey on your mind? How do you handle it?

So should I

A just continue to do my best and leave things as they are
B discipline myself to read and answer comments at the same time each day without fail
C disable comments and invite peeps with QUESTIONS and ADVICE to email me and then I KNOW I will get back to them because I'm fairly good with my email correspondence
D other (please advise)
E if you leave comments on blogs what do you expect from the blogger? Do you go back and check?




  1. I struggle with comments because when someone says 'Hey, great review.' Or something like that, I feel that I should reply but I don't really know what to say so I don't. But if someone asks a question I always try to answer...
    But then I'm not really a popular blogger so I don't get many comments at all...

  2. Better to receive a comment than no comments at all (my perspective) and I try to reply at least once a day. I don't get many. I doubt I ever will but I think its nice to respond to someone who even writes nice review just to thank them, they took their time however small just to say something about the blogpost. I think lots of people like comments back or otherwise they'll think your ignoring them (my perspective). Karen

  3. I don't think everyone expects comments back every time they comment. Going back and reading the blogs of commenters is nice, but at the same time I'm a bit dubious of people who ask for comments back and/or just post 'great blog' when I suspect they haven't read anything. I always visit and read, and try to leave a decent comment - but only if I have something to say really.

  4. Keep doing what you're doing and don't feel guilty. Blogging's all about fun. I do try and visit commenter's blogs but when it's "nice shoes, enter my giveaway" I don't bother. x

  5. I say to just keep doing what you can and try not to worry about it. I make sure I reply to every comment, but sometimes I only get around to it after weeks.

  6. If I've asked a question I go back and check, but I don't get offended or annoyed when someone doesn't reply. And with my blog I check every comment and reply if a question has been asked, if not I just usually say thanks to the commenters a few days after I made the post. I think that's enough. If anyone has a really burning question I'm sure they'd email.

  7. Thanks, all. I don't always remember where I left a question or a comment as I try to comment on so many blogs!

    I'll try not to worry.

    Thanks to Karen btw! And hello!

  8. I say you should just keep on doing what you're doing, and try not to stress out over it. I get very few comments (more from family than anything else), but when I do, I try to answer them. If I've left a question on a blog I'll note it so I can check back, but I'm never offended if somebody doesn't have time to answer, or doesn't know the answer etc.

    Heck, I sometimes don't get to read blogs for days on end, and then I wonder if I should leave comments way late or not - usually I do, because I figure better late than never. I just wish I had more time to read them and comment more often, because I do appreciate the efforts people make to blog about things.