Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mavala Bronze Green

More Mavala-lous polish. (Sorry. REALLY sorry...)

2 coats of hotness. Plus topcoat. These Mavala polishes are at their best when glossy and I've read other blogs saying that they do need topcoat top-up to achieve the best effect and I'd agree with that.

An unassuming little number in the bottle but fabulous on. Different under different lighting conditions.


PS Please recommend a cuticle-remover that doesn't strip the flesh from the digits and make one look like a snake sloughing its skin! But does effectively remove cuticles. Natch.


  1. I LOVE that colour. Fantastic colour. Oh dear, you may have made me want to buy it.

  2. I keep searching for this Mavala shade since I've seen it on blogs, yet here it's non-existent it seems, we have very limited color selection... this one is a true gem! no idea about cuticle removers, I have one that doesn't even work at all

  3. Green nail polish, my very favourite! My Mum used to rave about Mavala, it's been around for donkey's years , hasn't it? x

  4. I absolutely love Sparituals Cuti-clean cuticle remover - it does a brilliant job for me. It's a bit pricy for a bottle (about £8-£9 if I remember rightly?) but I've had my bottle for about 2 years now and it's only about half used. Genius stuff!