Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who knew? Fact or fiction. Truth or lies?

  1. Nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter. I probably knew this.
  2. Men's nails grow faster than women's (except during pregnancy and later in life when growth increases). Nails grow faster when you're older. Are they quite sure?
  3. The nails on the hand you write with grow faster. Think I had heard this.
  4. The longer the finger, the faster your nail grows. Crazy! Bad for me with my stubby fingers. So not fair. Not that I even want long nails but WHY?
  5. After an illness, your nail growth increases. Suppose it makes sense.
  6. Nail disorders make up about 10 percent of all skin conditions. Ugh. Had a partner with a fungal nail problem once. Gross. I blame the acrylics.

An ad from 1949.With that tapered nail shape that I really don't like.

(Facts from the Cutex website.)

Well, I say "facts". I tend to credulously assume (ouch, split infinitive) that everything I read online is true. If I stop for a moment to reflect I know that my assumption is foolish. But I can't help wondering - how many of those 6 facts are 'true'? And to misquote Prince Charles "...whatever true is..".



  1. Great post! Don't know if it's all true...

  2. How interesting! These type of things just make me wonder 'why?' Why on earth is our body made this way, what is the point? :P

  3. That makes for a fascinating read. Men's nails must grow faster as Jon's forever cutting his talons. Love the Cutex ad even if the pointy nails are a bit scary. x