Thursday, 21 July 2011

Mavala Berlin - hot from Smurf Central

The curse of blue nail polish. You can never get rid of it...

This was streaky after the 1st coat and I thought I'd be heading for a minimum of 3 but the 2nd was more than sufficient. Another excellent polish from Mavala.

Looks like me, Mavala and Leighton Denny are going to make a cosy threesome. Really want to support European brands. And UK polishes if possible. I checked and the LD are made here. This may account in part for their higher price in addition to their excellent quality but I'm happy to pay more to keep jobs in the UK. Don't want us to be seen just as a nation of bankers. Bankers. Is that the right word, I wonder? Hm.



  1. Ooh, I love this colour but feel I have too many blue-greys... xx

  2. Great color! I've only ever seen Mavala in one store on vacation, and that display had nothing as interesting as this.

  3. I just got two of this brand from a friend and I'm really excited about it!

  4. Oy, this one is seriously amazing on you.