Saturday, 26 June 2010

Models Own Blue Moon + Dusty Mauve

See above
Boots expert  nail ridge filler
Misa Breakneck
Use of Mac iPhoto to edit major imperfections

1 Apply ridge filler
2 Apply 1st coat of polish
3 Apply 2nd coat
4 Apply further coat (if necessary according to taste)
5 Wait 5 minutes before applying topcoat
6 Evaluate

Very pretty. Moon is a blue foil. Not unique but easy to apply and a typical foil
Mauve -  on the nail a soft grey but in the bottle more complex (see below)

Extension activity (sorry, I've lapsed into teacher-ese)
Very pretty but I messed up with a coupla dents'n'dings so the ol' Fairy Dust had to come to the rescue.

Voila. My most-used and rapidly thickening polish.
I am far too tight to buy a bottle of Seche Restore and I know not to thin it  (attempt to anyway) with remover so have you any budget tips for me, please?

Or I shall be very sad.......
I don't want my Fairy Dust to die! Help my Fairy Dust to live, I beg you!

Tatty bye


  1. I second your requests for a cheap nail polish restorer! Some of my oldies are like, decrepit. Nails Inc Brompton Place, for one :(

  2. Very nice :) I like the teacher style :) I have no idea how to help on the fairy dust issue. Tell us if you figure it out

  3. Ooh i like Blue Moon! Very pretty. The only budget restorer i've heard of is the remover trick so i'm afraid you might have to get a proper restorer :(

  4. Oh, f***.
    I like spending money on bright, shiny things (magpie) and baubles and not boring old paint-thinner.......*sulks*

  5. Using straight acetone should thin it just fine. That's what I use.

  6. Very pretty, your nails look lovely! I wish I'd got blue moon now! Next time :)
    As for restoring polish, I fail miserably, only advice I can say is be really cautious and don't just pour random remover in the bottle when over the sink...not good! I'm sure you have more common sense than I do though! :P

  7. Gemx: I've done it before (used remover), of course I have!!!! Am going to scour the garage for paint thinner.

  8. I use straight Acetone, I don't know what is so bad about it. Very nice colors by the way, I like the blue foil, a lot!

  9. Thanks, AP. Acetone it is.

  10. I have some Revlon and Mavala thinners - not sure how much I paid as I tended to stockpile the stuff in case I didn't see it again (before I bought salon sized bottles of Seche Restore). I'd be wary of using straight acetone - none of the thinners have pure acetone in, it seems to be butyl acetate, who knows what the difference is though!

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