Tuesday, 15 June 2010

CG Lasso My Heart + my swap with Silver Diva + a d-o-g

CG Lasso My Heart

2 coats. Easy as a lady-of-easy-virtue.
Part of the Wagon Wheel collection. (Maybe that's not quite right.)

I needed to bulk up an order to make the P&P worthwhile because I was really after something else but I can't remember what my prime target was. Hm. This was one of my afterthoughts but I must say it's rather spiffingly good.

I think this looks great with the Pop Beauty Twinkle.
Typical CG. Great quality. Great value.

A dog was requested. A dog is provided.

The number 1 dog snapped in an act of verbal defiance.
I think she is telling me to stop sitting on the bench and get on with the walk. She can be very imperious. Downright impertinent actually.

From my Silver Diva (Nail-ing Life Online - check yesterday for details) swap. Thanks, Sam!!!!!

NOW THEN NOW THEN - these have figured in enough blogs for a lot of us to be able to hazard a guess as to their identity. So what do you think? What are these????? These 2 above.

What about these lovelies? My first Finger Paints!! SOOOO pretty. Their names are....?
And the OPI? It's not a good pic but any guesses?

No prizes this time. But any correct guesses can be used as entries in my next giveaway. Incorrect guesses that sound fun will also count! The giveaway will probably be a bunch of cremes. Cremes that may be once-used or are untried. I don't think cremes are for me. I just have to sort them out.

What are your guesses for these 5? Or just guess 1 or 2.
I never explain these things properly so don't stress about it. It's not worth it. 

Tum te tum.


  1. I spot Claire's dream catcher. & probably Finger Paints blissfully blue. & i guess Sinful colors Mint apple :-) Dunno the rest.

  2. Ooh, some fab polishes, and one adorable dog ! :o)

  3. I can neither confirm nor deny, Rhea. ;o)

    The bad photos don't help. But it puts everyone at an EQUAL disadvantage!!!

  4. omg i love the glittery one ^^

  5. Naka, Pop Beauty Twinkle. It gets better every day I wear it!!!

  6. I'm loving China Glaze more and more each day...I saw another today that I must have called Strawberry Fields, so so so pretty! What are the Finger Paints? New brand? Pray tell! Your posts make me laugh - I have to read them twice to follow your train of thought properly!x

  7. On the Bottom picture :

    Oops i burnt the cereal

    Is that the sea i see

    OPI Dim Sum Plum


    The finger paints names may be slightly made up

  8. Stellina: I had better write more carefully. I'm afraid ideas just pop into my head and....oops, there goes another non-sequitur....

    Veg: LOL - burnt the cereal.....!!!!

  9. Loving the green Sinful Colors! The pooch is just fab, I wanna tickle her curly ruff!
    My twin in NZ? A blogger I've got to know with a ridiculous amount in common, we on-line chat a couple of times a week and send each other parcels, in fact we're both saving to do a RTW trip in the next 18 months...eeekkk!

  10. Pretty pretty pretty! And I loooove your doggy! What a beauty!

    I'm going to guess that the Sinful Colors is Rise & Shine, and the OPI is No Spain No Gain.

  11. Vix: Cute pooch. 2 more cute pooches to come.
    Sarah: Your guesses are duly registered. ;o)

  12. The CG and POP do compliment each other really nicely.
    I can't guess the colours because I don't know any Sinful Colors or Finger Paints and I really don't know the OPI. I was going to say Overexposed in South Beach but then you only did a post about that the other day so it's almost definately wrong lol! Your doggy is sooo curly! What breed is she?

  13. Cocker spaniel. All our dogs are cockers. Technically they are not supposed to be curly. That's not breed standard. But she is. And bossy!

  14. That Sinful Colors is definitely Mint Apple, trust me, it's my favorite right now and I would know it anywhere! =)
    Pretty sure that the Fingerpaints is Blissfully Blue and the OPI really looks like the New Dim Sum Plum from the Hong Kong collection! Hope that helps a little.

    Oh, and I love the curly little sassy mouth! =)

  15. Nice polishes & such a cute dog!

  16. you dog is so cute! what kind of dog is it?

  17. Pretty mani! And I love number 1 dog--lots of personality there.