Sunday, 27 June 2010

Essie + a puzzle/Hokey cokey karaoke and let the dog see the rabbit...

Here's an Essie

Got it for £3.50. Didn't much like it in the bottle. 3 coats. LOVE it on. L O V E   I T.

Here's the puzzle!
A recent Rimmel polish was called Coralicious because it was coral-coloured. That's my opening example. Other polishes with the colour in the name are: Ruby Pumps, Red Stallion, Blue Moon.

So what did Essie call THIS?
What colour family do you think this belongs to?

I want you to guess by posting a comment, if you feel so inclined.
But the answer (the actual moniker by which this is marketed) can be found below. Highlight the supposedly blank area and you will see what it's called. 

Mauve-ing Along

Now you can call me a blind old bat with the colour sense of a mole in a hole but I really don't think that this polish can be called mauve. But what do you think?
I'm going to post my 5 Cherry tag blogger/folk/peeps later today and an Illamasqua question.



  1. i hate any and all polish names with mauve in the title. the word mauve makes me think of grandma. my new favortie purple is mauve in name but purple in color!

  2. It's a lovely colour, your nails look great!
    My guess was definately in the pink/rose region, neer would have guessed that! Maybe the person who pocked the names was colour blind, or got two labels mixed up :p

  3. Thanks, jbrobeck and Gemx.
    I am right, aren't I? That shade is not the /m/ word.

  4. This is pink. Mauve is more maroon-y for me.

  5. i'm guessing mauve - reminds me of old house paint and wall paper colors

  6. I was guessing rose too. It's very pretty on you indeed!

  7. Mauve! Is it mauve? I don't think so.