Saturday, 19 June 2010

Diamonds Cosmetics Pelican Peak Purple and OPI A Grape Fit - purple cremes

I could have sworn it was Pelican BBBBBBeak but it isn't. It's PPPPPPeak. How did I get that so wrong? You see what you want to see....
Got the PPP from my ABOP giveaway "win". (see sidebar)

So I thought I'd have a go.
And then I thought: It's a pastel creme. I love the colour but it's going to behave fearfully badly. *gloom gloom*
I really want OPI A Grape Fit. I'll do that instead.
Rummaged for the OPI. Where IS it? Found it.
OMG it's really quite close to PPP. So let's try both. Have a comparison. I'm batty. I even thought they were dupe-ish at first. They are so NOT.
Couldn't open it at first - the OPI. A bit gummed up with old polish. One of the first bottles I bought when I got back into nail polish last September.

I have such a thing for purple. This was the in-colour when I was about 16 (c. 1971) and everything was purple velvet (not cars or obviously or bananas) and I loved it. I had a flower-sprigged Laura Ashley midi-dress. I had loads of stuff. Takes me back. Hawkwind. Silver Machine. 

This isn't hard. Which fingers are painted with which polish? Pic 1?
Oh, the Diamond was actually not a s0dding s0d at all. It was an easy 2 coats. Pleased I was!
I still love purple. I probably love it even more now.

The OPI is a great polish. There are loads like it. Done Out In Deco etc. I don't have them. I don't need them. Grape Fit is worth getting.

No dogs today. You'll have to provide your own pets. Sorry about that.



  1. I like it :) purple's pretty i have too many purple things: iPod, GHD's, my shelves. I quite like your DOTD's :(

  2. Love it. I so love purples. :)

  3. What IS it about purple?
    I don't have an unlimited supply of dogs so I will have to disguise the existing ones as poodles.....

  4. Purple is lovely! It's the colour I have the most shades of in nail polish, and I'm sure I'll get more :)
    I am looking forward to these disguised dogs, maybe with woolly jumpers on? :p

  5. You wore it! Hmmm. Now I want to wear mine again. Nope, too many untrieds!

  6. Gemx: Yes, it'll challenge my ingenuity. Disguises for dogs.
    ABOP: Now I take a better look I think the coverage is even better than the OPI. I know what you mean about untrieds though...

  7. Oh I do love purple. Loving the sound of the Laura Ashley dress, too.
    Hawkwind? Tell me you like Gong, too and you've a friend for life.

  8. Sorry, Vix. I ain't heard of Gong. But Silver Machine was one of the 3 (?) records we had in the 6th form common room. It got a lot of play!!!

    The Laura Ashley was cream cotton with purple sprigs. Midi. High collar - Victorian. Long sleeves. Cuffs. Not smocked but sort-of pin-tucks over the bust. Waisted. I looked a bl00dy mess. But I thought I was terribly trendy. The things I wore in those days. I had some great shoes though.

  9. Love purple like this! I love Silver Machine :p