Saturday, 5 June 2010

Pink and green - the sequel - Jessica polishes

OK, here's where I lose 90% of my readers.
There's VNL coming and d'you know what?

I don't dislike VNL. At all. Ever. It's not a problem.
I do not get the bitter hatred. So pass this by if you are a hatah!

These are called tints.
Emerald and Pink.

They just proved too cool (not cool in a good way, you understand) alone so out with the glitter. Sinful UFO and something I picked up for £1 that has bar glitter and isn't a PITA to remove (always a bonus). I enhanced this pic because my camera is showing my skin too pale. I've begun to tan and my camera hasn't caught up...

Loads of coats. Add a soupcon of dog hair and a dash of bubbles. Garnish with a dent and a re-slop. And I like it. Not as much as the purple. Oh, no.

But I love these translucent polishes. Lucky for me that I alone in the whole world like them because, thanks to the economic law of supply and demand, they are cheap.

Looks blue but it so clearly isn't. The pink appears positively opaque but it is not.
I love them because there were a host of these when I was a teenager in the 60s/70s and it's a nostalgia-thing.

Watery, jelly, summery. Crystal pools and shady rills. They're even called: Vernis Cristallin.

The other hand still sports the immovable glitter-fest. I shall probably have to wait a few geological epochs before that comes off....


  1. i don't mind vnl, thats what jellies are about!!! love these, where did you get them so cheap?

  2. Ebay! Just search Jessica/buy it now. Grand total £6.50. My 2nd lot arrived only 24 hours after I ordered.
    You can't miss them!

  3. I'm answering the questions at the top of your blog! I'm bored before work. lol

    1 Your fave pink polish?
    -I don't have a lot of pinks, but I have really enjoyed my Sinful Colors Easy Going.

    2 The polish you most looked forward to but disappointed you in reality.
    -China Glaze Sugar High. The colour is so cute, but the application is just so horrible. :(

    3 The best contest/competition/whatever that you have ever won. Gave you the most pleasure - not necessarily the greatest in financial terms.
    -I won some chocolates at my cousins wedding by having the most answers on a pop culture quiz. It was fun!

    4 For what polish, if any, would you (or have you) paid over £15? I don't know what that is in your currency!
    -I don't know what that is in my currency either! lol But I probably wouldn't spend it on any polish. I'm super frugal and don't like to spend more than $10 on one polish. I'd rather buy 2-5 polishes with that $10.

    5 Tell me about your pets or thoughts on pets.
    -Dinga is my mother in law's dog, but she's like my dog too. I love her to pieces! She is the sweetest, most friendly and funny dog I have ever known. I used to be afraid of dogs, but she really helped me get over that.

    6 Do you have a charity you particularly favour? What is it?
    -No, I don't.

    7 Say something positive about yourself.
    -I am a very compassionate person and like to be there for others.

    8 I have a slight preoccupation with the letters that one has to enter to verify a comment. Here are some recent favourites: entub, normip, sestorta. Do you take any notice of these? Do you have any that have made you laugh? What do you think /sestorta/ might mean????
    -haha! I LOVE those stupid things! The funniest ones I remember were when I commented on one blog and it gave me "manges" and then the next blog I commented on gave me "brains". I cracked up laughing "eat brains!"

    9 Is mental health a subject that concerns you?
    -Not really. I like to keep my brain active and stuff, but I don't have a history of mental illness in my family or anything.

    10 Say something positive about your workplace.
    -I get to learn a lot about different products and talk to tons of people every day. I also have really great co-workers!

  4. Whoops, forgot to mention, I'm in the US.

  5. Oooh, like the green jelly. Like the pink in the bottle but it does pull more orange on the nail. I need to look into these Jessica polishes.
    I'm on the fence with VNL. I like and expect it with certain polishes but don't like it in a creme that's supposed to be opaque. I guess I take it on a polish by polish basis.

  6. Sarah: Thanks. I've been over to your blog and left some comments. Pop culture! That's one subject I know NOTHING about!!
    Kitty: The pink jelly's a disappointment. Red, aqua and coral to try!