Monday, 21 June 2010

OPI Overexposed in South Beach + Diamond Cosmetics South Beach Pink + DotD

Not until I typed out the names that I realised the connection. South Beach.
South Beach where? Brighton? Skegness? Cleethorpes?

Must be Bournemouth, I think.

I was so impressed by the PPP from Diamond that I wanted to try another from the collection I got from ABOP.
2 coats of easy-going pink goodness. So that's more positive feedback for Diamond. I don't know how they do it for the price. It's not as if they are all tame colours and finishes. They do one of my all-time faves - Chainmail Charm. BIG respect to Diamond.
And the OPI's great too.
I have become thoroughly sick of flat pastel cremes but PPP and these pinks are bright. So I can't whinge about these. The odd finish is my fault. I washed my paws a bit too soon and I've messed it up a bit.

I couldn't do 2 hands of pink or people would think I was some kind of Katie-Price-alike but a single hand is cheering.

Silver Diva sent me the OPI after the naughty ebay-seller sold me a polish as Overexposed when it patently bl00dy wasn't!!! Lovely Silver Diva.


I removed the red-eye and it hasn't worked particularly well. This is our rescue dog. This colour cocker has a bad rep. for temperament and he bit me over the weekend. There's a marker on the gene that makes them that golden colour. It also makes them "flip". He knows he's in my bad books at the moment hence the soulful expression. I'm ignoring him. It won't last long. He's our dog and I mismanaged a situation when I know he's volatile. Ho hum. Silly me.

On with the jollity.

Talking of beaches, (yes, we were) what's your best beach or best beach memory?
I think mine was nude-bathing in Croatia. I hadn't done it before and it was soooooo liberating/refreshing.



  1. Katie-Price-alike, love it!
    Gorgeous dog and fabulous finger candy.
    Best beach memory? Every time I'm in Goa, love it with a passion.

  2. I'm loving BOTH colors but the lighter one a tad more. :)
    Nice pooch. :)

  3. I don't even know where Goa IS!!!!

  4. Very pretty polish! I like that the accent is on the index finger for a change. Also, very pretty dog, too bad he has attitude!

  5. oh yeah, I am super land-locked and I don't really have 'beach memories'

  6. I can live without beaches. I prefer lakes and mountains actually.

  7. That's a lovely pink, so bright! I used to live in Bournemouth and loved the beach, great for bbqs and just chillin' out with friends. I really miss living there. I'm not really a sunshine/hot weather person, but the beach in the evening is lovely.

  8. Bournemouth is very genteel. I like Weymouth too. Lovely and clean. Very important.

  9. I really like both pinks! I don't actually own a normal pink creme. Mine are all shimmers or have that blue flash to them. I need to expand on the pink scene very much.

  10. Oh, that cocker hairdo!

    My favorite beach trip was swimming off Singer Island in Florida; there were tiny silver fish that swam all around me and the weather was just perfect.

  11. Hi, Tilly. It's a very poor pic of the OPI which does have blue shimmer. The Diamond is SOOOOOO smile-inducing!
    KarenD: I don't like to think about the things in the sea. That scares me a bit. I feel safer in a hotel pool!!!

  12. Naughty doggy! Lol, Cleethorpes. I love me a bright pink creme, such a cheery colour.
    Best beach memory is Borth in Wales every summer as a kid. Great little town and fab beach.

  13. PS posted your prize on Sat, let me know when it arrives!

  14. Thanks, Rebecca!!
    Borth. I was more of a North Wales lass myself.
    I need more polish in my life. I do I do!

  15. Cute dog! I love your nails. By the way, these health, beauty and wellness products at affordable prices might be what you're looking for. Good luck and more power!

  16. Lovely pink hues. Like them both!

  17. I really like the bright cheery pink on you. Like the beach but don't get in the water - don't like swimming with other creatures, so I much prefer a pool too - and have one - yaaay! Now if I could just find a way to not work so I could spend my days by said pool...