Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bourjois 1 Seconde + Sinful Out of this World

Naughty, naughty Nicole!
The extent of tip wear and chipping after 2 days of Star of the Party was mightily displeasing. I'd go so far as to say it was the most badly-behaved polish I have had for a very long time. Those who criticised Nicole for polish quality can now welcome me in their number. Great colour but I don't expect chips on 4 nails after less than 48 hours.

I had one green hand and one purple paw and was sick of colour. A small haul (Sinful) arrived today so silver seemed restful.
This is 3 coats except for the index which I mangled when attempting to pick up a cotton bud from my desk. So that one wasn't redone - no, far too idle to do that - but had an extra coat of Bourjois blah blah.

It kind of works. Adds a bit of interest. A way of almost getting white nails without having to resort to the monstrosity that is a white polish.

I like it. The other hand is grey/black.

I much prefer my nails short-short but I am incapable of filing them neatly (that's point 1) and filing them so they are the same length (point 2). I know some of you hate to see that so I'm sorry. I claim lots of sympathy marks - not for trying but for being such a klutz. I let them grow and hate them and then chop at them with scissors.

So - how often do you do things to your nails other than painting?

How often do you

treat cuticles
cut nails
use hand cream
use special treatments
address other nail-issues?

Keep thinking it's Friday as I worked today and Thursday is one of my 4 days off. Very confusled! Yes, CONFUSLED.


  1. I like how the index finger turned out :)
    I file my nails every few days, use hand cream every now and then and none of the others :) i file instead of cutting

  2. Bethaniee: If I were as young as you perhaps I could get away with things. I can't remember being that young!

  3. Hi, a blog dedicated to nail colours, heaven :) I tend to file my nails once a week, hand cream at least once a day xx

  4. I had better start filing more often. Thanks, Em.

  5. Hmm, lets see, I love Love LOVE that silver and the index finger turned out fantastic!
    My nails are so thin they tend to tear and I don't have to worry so much about growing them out too long =[
    I file at least every other day with a crystal nail file and use hand cream several times a day, pretty much every time I wash my hands which is a lot since I am a microbiologist!
    I use cuticle oil/cream about 2 times a day and I try to apply a coat of nail strengthener every night.

  6. Loving the silver fingernails and like you detest white polish with avengeance, reminds me of Tippex.
    I'm a slob and only file or use hand cream when I'm totally bored.

  7. How often do you

    file - once a week, or whenever a customer really pisses me off... i had take my super grit nail files home and put the wimpy ones on my desk so that i didn't end up with nubbins AGAIN!

    treat cuticles - i try to once a day but now that its summer.... i forget. about once every two weeks i use cuticle remover.

    cut nails - never

    use hand cream - not enough, but more than once per day

    use special treatments - i like to exfoliate my hands every few days

    address other nail-issues? i have to file down the hard ridges in my skin around the nails... i hate it!

  8. I was going to ask the same about filing today too! I looked at mine today and thought eugh they look like claws and was filing them for ages. I used to use clippers but I swear they grow so quickly now I just file them! I think at the moment I do them about once every 3 weeks, but think I need to every week really. I just don't notice them getting longer until BAM! I won't answer any more questions otherwise this might look like an essay.

  9. Essays are good!
    I think I don't file enough. Frankly there IS a reason for my nails not being great and I just don't do the work....