Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Rainbow My Favourite Pink - enamel, varnish, lacquer, polish - which?

Rainbow !@£$%^&*()_+ (from my swap with Green Fairy)
Technically it's a number but as of this minute it's My Favourite Pink.

2 coats + base + top
Looks as if I could have profited from a 3rd coat for the deeply-ridged ring-finger nail but it was not to be.
Naturally one sees these shades all over the nailiverse but I didn't have one. I had several which promised this level of pinkitude but proved sadly deficient in terms of coverage/pigmentation/opacity when put to the test.
I simply adore this polish.
Nobody predicted that I would select this today (refer to yesterday's post)  but 2 respondents made a guess and therefore I shall contact Panderbear of Stupid Nail Polish Names on the basis that she was the first to hazard a guess.
I do recommend  Stupid Nail Polish Names. PB (if I may abbreviate thus) is a writer of no little erudition and wit. The only criticism I have of her blog is that she so rarely posts thus depriving us of her witticisms for weeks at a time.

Ah, yes. Which of these do you prefer? I am beginning to take against the word "polish" but would like to know which of the four following you favour. They are:

1 nail enamel
2 nail lacquer
3 nail varnish
4 nail polish
5 (in those immortal words) Bovvered?



  1. Pretty pink, it looks slightly purpley too :)

    I've always called it nail varnish or polish, enamel and lacquer sound too posh. And my sister calls it 'paint what goes on nails' (Imagine a cockney accent)

  2. That is a pretty pink!

    Polish for me, despite the confusion with people and things from Poland. If I have to give that up, I guess I'd go with enamel, since varnish and lacquer = furniture in my mind. Though when I'm a-Googling for prices or swatches, I often try lacquer as my second choice as it's so popular a term.

  3. What if Poland were a big player in nail varnish?
    Polish polish.

  4. Such a pretty bubblegum pink and no mention of Jordan or Barbie, either.
    I'm an old fashioned kind of girl so it's nail varnish all the way. Used to go out with a bloke whose surname was "Varnish". Can you imagine the amount of teasing he used to get?

  5. Varnish? Yikes.
    Victor Varnish.
    Nigel Varnish.
    Miles Varnish.
    Nathan Varnish.
    Ted Varnish.
    Alf Varnish.
    Darren Varnish.

    No, I can confirm it isn't possible to find a forename to suit Varnish. You'd change it surely?

  6. Ohhhh I do like that. I'd call it a pinky/puple shade. Oh and its Polish for me ha.


  7. That's 2 of you who have seen purple in there! I've been told I need new glasses - looks as if that's the way forward...

  8. I think Nigel Varnish sound like a good spy name! =) and I prefer polish...and that color of pink is just fantastic!

  9. What a gorgeous colour!
    95% of the time I say polish, but sometimes varnish slips out. I never call it enamel, and I've only said lacquer once or twice!

  10. 'Lacquer' sounds quite glamourous and 50s. But I never say it! Love this colour, and there's definitely a little hint of purple in there.

  11. I always use polish. But when talking I think I say nail varnish more. Hmm.

  12. Jen, you flatterer! I am suitably chastised for not blogging enough; I'll try to update more.

    Re: your question--"nail lacquer" sounds terribly classy to me; unfortunately I am too much of a prole to get used to anything but "polish." I also like "enamel," but "varnish" just makes me think of dyeing wooden furniture.