Friday, 16 July 2010

Calvin Klein Barefoot + Illamasqua Prism

I know you are going to look at the pix and wonder what I'm making such a fuss about but these 2 polishes are quite simply - 2 of the best polishes ever to be mixed in a mixing-thing.

2 coats of Barefoot.
You see ! I KNEW you'd be thinking I need my bumps feeling.
The quality of this beauty defies belief.
The bottle is itself a desirable object.

Then add Prism.

Same as above but an added coat of Prism.
And everybody says this - so tedious but true for all that - but you cannot capture the ever-changing beauty of this polish in a photograph.

My work here is at an end for the day.



  1. I really like both of those. The second looks kinda opal-y if that makes sense. And if it doesn't then i dont mean opal i mean something else maybe mother of pearl ?

  2. A very classy colour. I'd forgotten how much I used to love CK cosmetics.
    Have a good weeekend!

  3. Opal. MoP. Both. Absolutely right, veg.
    You too, Vix. My first Calvin Klein thing. Good start.

  4. Ill. Prism is so cool and I adore that CK color, very classy and I love it alone!