Sunday, 4 July 2010

A most extraordinary thing...

....happened to me today and this is the result. See below.

Long story starts now...
Old iron packed up a while ago. OH got a new iron. Turned out new iron was far too heavy for my poor ickle paws and the handle was too thick and I strained that area between thumb and index finger. Ouch. Went to John Lewis for new iron. Not made in China obviously. OK, found iron for person with small paws - me. You have to have a quick look round John Lewis while you're there. Obviously! Up a floor. Disgorge from escalator right onto the Yves St Laurent counter. Not exactly onto it but you know what I mean.

Now THIS is where it gets crazy!

OH says (I kid you not): Oh, thats' nice. Do you like that? (Meaning the polish you see above).

I take a closer look and say nonchalantly: Yes. (And bravely saunter on).

Well, do you want it?

(Casually as if couldn't really be bothered). Yes, that would be very nice.

OH deplores my nail habit as a rule. Freaky. OH bought polish for me.

It is a jelly. I knew it would be. It cost £16.50. Worth every bleedin' penny.
2 coats + top coat. The 2nd pic makes it look more tomato-red but it IS a genuine blue-red. Even the 1st pic is not really accurate.

YSL Copyright Red.
A proper polish where the top comes off and leaves you with a manoeuvrable black handle. No clean-up needed.

No WAY do these pix give it enough respect. I am a very grateful wife!

What does your partner-person make of your habits/addictions/eccentricities?

A very happy hand-waving, hand-admiring, smugly-grinning
Jen -fer


  1. Husband bought you polish?


    No seriously that's very nice of him. Awesome colour, too. It's a perfect red and the bottle is very stylish.

  2. Love the bottle! I'm not a classic red person but it does look nice on you.

    Good work Husband! ^.^

  3. You've definately got a good bloke there, Jen!
    Love the colour of the polish and the classy packaging.
    My BF loves vintage tat as much as me, he actually wandered off at the boot sale yesterday and came back with some rather groovy boots he thought I'd like.

  4. Hubby indulges my hobby lol. And every time I show him a color I'm excited about he just says "pretty!" every time or "ooh, I like that". I think he is just saying it to please me but I don't mind ;)

  5. mhh- I love this red on you :)

    i don't own any ysl (for now) but i hope their upcoming burlesque duo-polishes live up to their promo-pics 'cause I'm the first in line to get them when I see them in stores ;)

  6. Must look at the pix, aP. I missed those.
    l0verlada: What a sweetie. I usually keep schtum.

  7. Gorgeous that is..mmm

    My oh thinks its an annoying habit.. has now taken to memorising how many boxes & what new polishes are on my top counter... this means smuggling new ones in is impossible!! In the middle of the night " I noticed that new polish!!"

    He abhores it!! good job we dont live together lol

  8. Oh my, that is very yummy.

    Mr. Karen thought I had enough nail polish quite some time ago. He does sometimes comment on the colors I wear and really, really likes it when I go with orange or yellow. Pity those colors don't look better on me.

  9. Rebekah, I feel neurotic about mine too. Like I have to justify myself...Boo. That's why I'm so amazed today.

    KarenD: It is yummy. Like berry-juice. Orange! Not my colour either.

  10. WOW a big well done to your hubby! My OH just about puts up with my shoe obsessions x

  11. well then, there is hope for us ladies with OH's that don't approve of our spendy nail habit, and it looks like it may eventually rub off on mine too...
    @Karen, I know!!!! my Mr. Aggie is absolutely freaky in the head too, he likes to see me in Orange and requests that I have my toes done in that color every time I go get a pedi. :/

  12. Wow, you got lucky! That polish looks AMAZING on you.
    My OH just laughs at me :D

  13. This is so weird. My OH is keen on orange too.
    I normally get disapproval so today was gobsmacking.

  14. Ooh, jealous! I almost don't want my husband to buy me nail varnish (or makeup in general) because then he would realise how much they actually cost.....