Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Swap with Fern of Polished Serenity - who doesn't love a good swap???

All the way from Singapore!
From the lovely Fern who runs Polished Serenity

Skin Food
Ah, problem. They don't have names so...
Creamy Green
Sparkly Red
Foily Amethyst

Line-up from a different angle - I just love the manila labels! And polish specifically for pedicures! Hurrah.

This one is still in the plastic and I like scrumpling the bag so that stays on.
Sparkly Magenta

2 Rainbow and a Canmake. No names.
Er, candyfloss pink, blue-tinged pink, sparkles in pink.


Shampoo + conditioner sachets. Useful as I had my hair cut today and it could do with a good conditioning.
A blackcurrant sweet sachet which I thought at first was a (poor eyesight) BLACK CARROT sweet.
Mmmm,  *eats all 5 little sweets in one go* quite powerful.
A serum which Fern (Fern, you ARE lovely) has written instructions for use on in English because it's in "Singaporean". I am so ignorant that I don't know what language it is - Malay? Better go a-googling.

I must start adding sweets/candies to swaps. I forgot how much people like them.

What's the weirdest sweet you've ever had? Personally I detest liquorice and can't understand why anyone likes it. But black carrot actually rather appealed to me.

And have you ever done a swap?

I'm about to do my RH nails with one of these polishes. The first person to post a comment guessing correctly will receive an email from me asking their address and ultimately a parcel of polishes based on their preferences for tried/untried (obviously there's less choice if you opt for untried only) and colours and finishes. But wait for me to ask you. Any country but postage can be expensive so a UK resident might just get a bigger haul. But surface mail (ship) is fairly cheap so that might work.

So just guess which of the swap polishes above I am about to paint on my nails. Or just tell me about sweets if you don't want any polishes. For a teacher I can be very poor at exposition so I hope that's clear.



  1. Laneige is actually Korean! ^.^ Sadly there is no singaporean language unless you count 'Singlish'. this site could help.

    And asian nailpolishes NEVER have names. At most a jumble of letters and numbers

  2. Oh my god look at the labels on those top two bottles! I'm a complete sucker for manilla labels, just fab.
    I love Asian supermarkets, the bizarre beauty products and strange snacks.
    Black carrot sweets sound yum. I had a packet of Pineapple Lumps from NZ and ate them in minutes.

  3. Those polishes look beautiful :) The labels are so cute!

    And since you dont have the name/url option on your blog heres mine ;

  4. Oh, I can totally do this! Looking deep within your soul, I can see that you are about to paint...sparkly magenta...on your nails. Right? Of course right!

    I love those Coca-Cola/root beer-flavored candies you can only ever seem to find in Asia. All the cloying bodily destruction of soda and sweets in one!

  5. foily amethyst FTW :D
    i have that colour too... its beautiful :)

  6. The weirdest sweets i've tried are some 'chocolates' from south africa. They were were ermm terrible ?