Friday, 23 July 2010

Sally Hansen Crystal Dream + DotD

This is a Foot Foil.
My toes need doing but it's quite a struggle for a lardy old bird like me so....

Not feet. I wouldn't do that to you.
I assume this is an ancient polish from the vaults.
I rather like Sally Hansen.
I don't know how you'd characterise this colour so I shan't go there.
But if you pressed me I'd say pewter-ish.
2 coats + top coat. I am so anti-colour at the moment. The other hand is silver - my trusted Misa Dance Fever without which I would not be.

I haven't retouched the red eye on him because he's naturally fairly feral so I feel this is true to his temperament.
He's a feisty ginger if ever there was one!
Trod on his tail by mistake yesterday but he didn't get me. Luckily. He can be a doll so I won't diss him too much.

Pic I googled....
This represents me today.
End of year.
Loads of students leaving. Tears. Colleagues leaving. More tears. Frantic tidying. General exhaustion.
I'm not comfortable with all this angst and it's quite awkward being around it. These days people expect a lot of emoting and demonstrative display. I just want to get the hell out of there. But then I know enough to realise I've got some strongly autistic traits myself!

I can be a hermit for a few weeks now. Hurrah!
Get my polishes together.

I've decided I WILL do a blog sale. So watch out for that next week. Anything you guys don't want will go on ebay. It'll be paypal probably. I expect that's easiest.

Oh, not asking for sympathy because I love my job and zonking out in July is just part of the (excellent) deal.

Got a new car to look forward to. Saw a protoptype at the showroom last night and put it on order.

Hate it? It's a Nissan Juke. Like it? So-so?



  1. Foot Foil? SH made a lone called Foot Foil? I have never heard of these and consider myself a bit of a Sally aficionado. Hmmm, what else might she have hidden from me?

    Yay for a blog sale!

  2. Yeah, Foot Foil. I'm guessing it's really old. The fumes would knock your socks off when you open the cap.

  3. that is such a strange polish! I think it looks awesome though!

    He's a feisty ginger, cat Peter is the same but because of scar tissue I will never get a 'red' eye on him.

    You ordered a car from seeing a prototype?! Wow!!! What color, anything special on the inside? more details?

  4. Same red as the pic. I say a prototype but it's a pre-release model I saw. Red and grey leather seats. Colour rear camera. USB for music on memory stick. Built-in sat-nav. Loads of gizmos. Heated seat which is brilliant in the winter.
    I am going to test-drive it when it officially comes out. Saw something like it in Canada last year and loved it!

  5. I love this colour on you. It really suits you! Your nails are looking lovely.

  6. Lovely silvery colour, like a mermaid should wear!
    That's a beast of a car, your pooches will be very comfy in that, I'm xure.
    Horrah for school hols, it means I get to play with my teacher friends during the week. xxx

  7. Nice blog. Do they sell Sally Hansen in the UK? I lived there for a while and I don't remember it being available. My favorite polish of all time is a No 7 polish, Satsuma. I was excited that Target in the US sells Boots products now but not polish : (

    I miss England!

    Greetings from the US. I am following you. : )

  8. Hello there, lnp.

    I got it from an etailer in the UK. Cosmetic Kingdom. There are lots of sites that offload discontinued stuff. These Foot Foils have probably been off the market a long time. There's nowhere I can walk into a shop and see a bunch of Sally Hansen unfortunately. Boo.