Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nail art - In the Night Garden

Er, I used the gradient as a base for some nail                        (wait for it)       art.
Well, I tried.
Art insofar as an elephant or chimp produces art. Only not as effective. Or attractive.

I have a silver nail art pen. See the havoc I can wreak. This nail isn't bad. I quite liked this. The "flowers" were less successful. See below.

China Glaze Fairy Dust for the night sky.
I will get the hang of it one day if the arthritis doesn't get me first. I mustn't joke about that because I don't want arthritis in my hands. My knees are fairly dodgy and I can well do without creaky digits.

Gearing up for my last day at work until September. Then getting ready for my ebay sale. I thought of a blog sale but I feel awkward about selling to you guys. Don't know why. I like the impersonality of ebay for commercial transactions. Selling 100+ polishes will keep me busy for a couple of weeks. Walk the dogs. No cleaner in the hols so will have to do my own housework or simply let it go to hell in a handcart (preferred option). Go to see my Mum. Read even more books. Prepare for going away. Hard life.



  1. I swear I commented on the gradient post yesterday but it looks as though it didn't go through. I actually really like this Jen! I especially like the addition of Fairy Dust!

  2. Sparkly prettiness! Where are you off to on your hols? Do tell! Deffo the hell in a handcart scenario with the housework, you are supposed to be on holiday, after all!
    Enjoy the last day of school. xxx

  3. I agree with Leanne--love the Fairy Dust!

    I am only pouting a tiny bit that you are not having a blog sale.

  4. Love the glitter. Your summer plans sound lovely. Please send us the link to your ebay listings when you put them on!

  5. Hi Jen, enjoy the holidays...what age do you teach to?

  6. Maybe I should do a blog sale then...Will have a think.

    My guys are 16-18. Great age.

  7. ....hmm my own kids are only 11 and 6 so I will reserve judgement on that! LOL!