Friday, 30 July 2010

The treasure of Silrald

Bewitching was the sight that met their seeking eyes. Uncannily bright the points of light that sparkled tantalisingly before them. Keen their desire to learn more.

Sorry, that was a Tolkien spoof-attempt but I just can't do it. Not having ever read Tolkien probably doesn't assist my endeavours.


First there was silver. And then there was emerald. Silrald. Better than emerver.
Btw the flash has washed this out but you get the approximate message.

Jessica Emerald Tint
The SH is called Dividends and it isn't as thickly glittered as Misa Dance Fever but never mind.

And this is a combination of Aqua and Emerald.
These work so well.
Great thing about this is that the glitter as a base is so hard-wearing that you can rely on this not to chip/flake etc but the addition of extra layers of tint does change it so it doesn't get too boring. Great when you're short of time/energy.

Now for shoes - bear with me...
Vix is doing 20th century fashion - I'm not going to explain - check it out

Vintage Vixen

I hate 20s fashion and said so but Vix countered with 50s shoes and how horrid they are so...


These are from vintage shoes 1950's shoes 1950s shoes and 1940's shoes and claim to be 50s originals. They aren't great but they aren't utterly vile. I know you can't see the heels but they are tolerable. Or are they?

Least loved fashion decade 1900 - 2000? I'd say 20s and 80s. Yes, the 90s too.

Oh, heck. I've got myself into shoes now. This isn't good.

Three pairs of 70s shoes.
I'd better go.



  1. Lol, awesome shoes :P I agree with the comments about 90's fashion, what suckage :P

  2. I love the aqua/emerald effect, it's really pretty :)
    Those shoes are quite scary, esp the turquoise snakeskin effect!

  3. You don't love those shoes, Gemx???
    Oh, dear. Are you very phobic?

  4. Haha! I'm definitely not a shoe person I only only have a couple of pairs of trainers and I even wear those if I go out for the night, I like to be comfy when I dance! :P they are quite nice ones though, I love my Babycham trainers, their all sparkly!

    Also I just received your parcel! :D Thank you very much, they are really nice, and so well packed! Took me awhile to get in to it!

  5. I'm neurotic about bottles getting broken!

  6. Shoes!!!!! I'm so glad you loathe pointy shoes, too. Those 1950's ones aren't too bad as things go but the bottom three nigh-on take my breath away. I shall hunt them down.
    My bete-noir is defo 1980's and 1990's. 1920's I'm struggling with because I sold all the vintage stuff from the era cos it's like blinking gold dust! xxx

  7. Love the idea of a silver base followed by a jelly/sheer. Will have to try it some time.

    Gotta say I'm liking those shoes - ugly as some may think they are, I'd wear them! I'd say the 80s was the hideous era style-wise. Can't speak for the 20s as I wasn't there :)

  8. Dammit, I meant to post the link for the shoes!!!

  9. Emerver, yeah, that's no good. Those blue shoes are quite something; attractive, not so much.

  10. Oh god those shoes are just amazing! I love them all! Especially the blue ones, they're very glam rock :D

  11. I totally love those 70's shoes and I almost got some that were very close to the black velvety ones but they had silver glitter all over them...alas, bigfoot here couldn't find them in her size!