Thursday, 29 July 2010

Misa Disco Queen + Jessica Red Tint

Ha, ha!

It was done - though not well done (as Shakespeare didn't say)

You start with the Misa
Then 1 coat of red
2 coats
3 coats
Thus getting a graded mani.

Blurry but sparkly.

I could have done this a lot better but it was an experiment. And it works.
Yes, the base should have had more coats. This I know.
It was ever so quick to do. You don't need to wait between coats.
Because the glitter lies beneath the polish and is not incorporated into it the effect is particularly COOOOOL. It has real depth - and meaning and - gravity. No, it's nail polish and not a symphony. Maybe a sonata??? An etude?

Day 6 of hols. Only 33 to go. Hoovering needs doing again! Outrageous. Dust I don't mind but bitty carpets I do.

Woman's Hour spent yet another day on not having kids. What is this? 1965?

The hour approaches for TMS. Over to 5 Sport.
To patriotic strains of Jerusalem the England openers take the field.
I could give you a delivery-by-delivery commentary but I suspect you wouldn't stay tuned/ever speak to me again.

Fluffy bunnies and champagne cocktails to you all.


  1. Looking for your email addy, cant find it anywhere lol drop me a line!!

  2. You can find me at

  3. How I love that subtle graduation! Subtle, me? About as a subtle as a brick my dear old Mum used to say but honestly, it's fab.
    You hate the Twenties? It's the 1950's I can't be doing with, pointy-toed shoes are the pits. xxx

  4. The 50s aren't great either. The dresses are better but I'm with you on the shoes.

  5. Brilliant way to achieve an ombre mani! Much easier than having to deal with five bottles at once. Adding this to my "to be copied" list. :)

  6. awesome! I really heart these Jessica tints, it does seem that the possibilities are near endless. Just take the number of tints you have, add the number of colors you want to use as a base and take the factorial of that number and that is how many permutations you have of this awesomeness...I think =/

  7. Totally. (I think that covers most things!).
    These tints are very versatile.