Saturday, 17 July 2010

No nails as such - Pop Beauty LotD Bee Stung (it's a lip gloss btw)

Well, I just messed about with top coats over the CK Barefoot today and I know there is no queue to see that so this is what you get instead.

Quite a lot of mileage in doing products other than polish because (as we shall see) there are technical issues aplenty!).

It's a lip gloss in a cute pot.

Here's the sparkle pic.

And it is sparkly on the lip too. And greasy and gummy and leaves marks on cups. But plenty stays on the lips.

But what if you need to retouch?

That has to be the least practical sponge applicator ever. Because of the handle size the cap comes very close to the lips when applying and you can't even see what you're doing without a mirror because the chunky (but cute and pleasantly rubbery) cap obscures your vision.

It wasn't full price. Just an item I added to my order for the hell of it because I'm over budget this month and then one becomes gripped by WTF-itis and can't help oneself. I like it. I'm puckering up at my reflection in the window as I sit at my desk and pretending to be all sulky-moody-sex-kitten. As long as I don't focus on any other bits of me I could almost believe it!

D'you want more nails/jewellery/history of cosmetics/dog of the day (always popular) or sumting else?


PS The PETA animal-abusers list comes tomorrow because we need to know not only the good guys but whom to avoid (should we wish to and don't think I'm badgering you.....much).


  1. Very pretty, i like the different colours of sparkles, but you're right, the applicator is just useless!

  2. Love all the features you do Jenni. Liking the lip gloss but that wand is so stubby! Hehe...WTF-itis - I always end up saying that you only live once! It is true! lol

  3. That is one very stumpy wand, indeed.

  4. I think they may not make this any longer. Hence its price reduction. It's such a cute container though. Nowt wrong with the contents but the wand is tragic. No way round it though. Cute stumpy pot, cute stumpy (hard to use) sponge.

  5. That is seriously pretty and I love the packaging.
    Everything you blog about is fascinating and a right rip-roaring read so jewellery, cosmetics, history, animals, food, clothes, holidays - sock it to us, Jenni!