Saturday, 10 July 2010

Rimmel Sky High + Models Own Slate Green

Seems to me I either always wear these shades or pinks!

I love these though. I did go through a spell of detesting cremes but the Boots ridge filler has improved my relationship therewith.

Got these because there's a stack of reductions on asos. The Rimmel was £2 and I do like the 60 seconds brush while the MO was £3. They have a clutch of Ciate reduced and some Illamasqua. In short, I got 5 polishes for about £13. The manner of their packaging left much to desired and it is a minor miracle that they arrived unscathed. Don't recall having had that problem with asos before. The dread inspired by the clinking of bottles as one carries the parcel to the kitchen. Ta DA da da da da da da ta DA da da............
In this case the shark left me unmolested (you do know that was the "Jaws" theme, yes?) and I lived to paint my nails.

Rimmel - 2 coats
MO - a frustrating 3 to 4 before full un-streakiness was achieved

Must show you the Ciate on the RH tomorrow. If I had a mortar and pestle (and indeed there ought to be such implements lurking somewhere close to hand) and some red glitter I could grind the glitter to fine particles, add them to the Ciate polish and voila! I'd have Paradoxal. Honestly.

Which colours (if any) do you find yourself subconsciously gravitating towards?



  1. great colours - I don't have any MO, shame that the formula was rubbish. I want to check out the ASOS sale, but I'm banned from any purchases until I finish some things up, I haven't got any space left! Maybe I'll just buy some more storage instead... Colour-wise it depends what phase I'm in, at the moment that's greens, blues and oranges I'd say...oh any bloody colour, I'm an addict!x

  2. I buy plenty but I think I see a trend developing over the last few months. MO varies in formula. Cremes are often a pest. But these Rimmels are damned good.

  3. Pretty Rimmel. This shade looks nice on you. Love Rimmel and their brushes. I wish would release all their colors in the US instead of just some.

  4. Greeeeeeeeen! And rimmel I hear does animal testing still. In this day and age. Although I do own a few rimmels and I love the colours. I can't buy it anymore.

    Do any of you girls have that trouble? Or maybe I'm jus nosey and I read too many lists...

  5. *sieh&!983! illamasqua ON SALE???? i would die. i am trying to buy all up them, i think i am up to 13 or so!!!!

    and I really like these colors on you, makes you look super tan!

  6. They STILL test on animals?????? That's the end of that then.
    GF, which other companies do this, please?

    Yep, a lot of Illamasqua at a little over half-price. I've ordered Force and Prism for £15.50. A single polish is usually £13.

  7. I subconsciouly gravitate towards purples. It's annoying.
    I also ASOS-hauled including Illamasqua...woohoo!
    I like these shades on you. Dusty.


    They have a list here. And it's pretty up to date. I have a friend that works in P&G and he says this is one of the best sites. It was also given to me by a friend who volunteers at the SPCA in singapore.

    I'm not trying to be self-rightous here but I don't believe in it. So I won't buy it.

    But everyone has a choice. :) Love for all, no judging

  9. Good info, GF. I try to buy ethically but this is one area which has slipped beneath my radar so I had better do my research.

  10. wow, i can't believe that some companies still do animal testing, i try to make sure that all my skincare and makeup is free from animal testing but i also "ass-u-me"d that most companies were done with that garbage. =P
    Pretty colors though!
    On another note, no one obviously tried putting these tight denims on a slightly overweight bunny because if they had they would know that they keep falling down over the hips. ;)

  11. I seem to be buying oranges at the moment. I had one last month now i have 6. Even though i don't wear orange ever.