Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Silver and violet makes silvolet/vilver

Here it is...

This is like...loads better IRL.
Hence 2 more pix of it comin' up.
It's sundry silvers I've been wearing for days (aeons?) topped with (slopped with) a coat of Jessica Violet Tint. I have 6 of these and I am going to do every permutation of putting them over other stuff that I can think of. Thus giving me thousands (probably, you do the maths if you feel so inclined) of different looks.

And a shadier shot...

Layering is the way forward. Got to get my money's worth.

Aha! Listening to Radio 4.  Woman's Hour. They're doing a debate-thing that they seem to do every few months.

Don't you want kids? If not then why not?

It seems to be a question that fascinates women. Don't know quite why except that we're such a nosy bunch we have to pry into other people's lives.

So, in the spirit of poking my nose in, what's your view? To have or not to have?



  1. I love the alternate silver and purple nails, such an inspiring idea.
    I definately don't want kids, never have, never will do. I've dumped blokes for even suggesting such a thing. I swear I was born without a maternal streak and I've never held a baby. Give me a cat or a tortoise any day of the week.

  2. A tortoise. I've never had a tortoise. I wonder what they're like....

  3. It looks great in photos, so if it looks better in real life, it must be gorgeous. This is a great idea which I will have to copy; I have silver polish and some old Maybelline water shades that should work the same as the Jessica tints.

    As for kids, there was a time when I thought I would have one or two, because that's what people generally did after getting married and buying a house, which I also planned to do. Then I got married and a few years later bought a house and realized that neither I nor my husband was particularly interested in taking care of children, and it really seemed like at least one of the parents should be excited about the idea, so we skipped it. We did have guinea pigs for a time, but they can be left alone in the house for hours on end with no danger to themselves or the house.

  4. Yes, I thought of the Maybelline Water things. I like them. I love the noises guinea pigs make though I've never had any. Maybe one day...

  5. That looks lovely! Looks like a completely different polish. I'm getting better at layering now, it may take a little longer to dry and I am not very patient and end up all bubbly, but you can make lots of nice effects. :)

    I am not good with children, I don't know what to do with them or what to say to them, lol! Although I always said I'd never get married or have kids, I've already changed my mind on the marriage one. At the moment I would say no and I am happy looking after my kitty cat, but I could change my mind...

  6. You can get away with just talking to them like human beings, Gemx. I find that works... ;o)

    I shouldn't be giving child-care advice to anyone though. I'd give myself 4 out of 10 for mothering. At least I didn't run a crack-den and sell their souls to the devil. So 4 is probably fair.

  7. Lovely polish
    And no i definately do not want kids. For many reasons.
    1 i ave a phobia of pregnancy. It disturbs me greatly. I can't help but think of the foetus as a parasite.
    2. I don't really like children. Certain children can be lovely but in general i just find them annoying. My nephew for instance is generally sweet and adorable but sometimes he gets this evil streak and is just really annyoing.
    3. I'm a bit scared of children, they freak me out and i'm also scared of looking after them in case anything bad happened and i was responsible.
    4. I'm too selfish. I don't care about children and would probably resent any kids taking up my time and resources.
    In other words i would make a terrible mother, so it's really lucky that i don't want any! :P

  8. That's a fairly resounding NO then!
    Thanks, everyone.

    Children are just people and people can be very unpleasant. Children aren't saints or innocent. Ignorant, yes. That's why we have to train them.

    There's a lot of sentimentality about kids and it's not justified.

  9. Love the purple silver (spliver maybe?)
    I actually do want to have kids. I know life will be much simpler without them, but I still would like one or two.

  10. I'm gonna borrow and new word I just learned and tell you that your spliver mani is gorgeous!

    As for kids... makes me sad 'cause DH and I have been trying for 6 years to no avail so maybe one of you that can bear children and doesn't want them can have a couple for hubby and me and drop it off on my doorstep?
    P.S. I have 3 very spoiled nieces and 3 almost spoiled nephews, their aunty is the best! =D

  11. Spliver???
    OK, seems to be the popular choice.

    So kids are making a comeback!
    ABOP - life is definitely easier without them.
    AP - sorry it's not working out for you. No consolation but fertility problems are becoming much more common in the developed world.

  12. I don't want or have kids and it's too late to change my mind now! I've never been very maternal, did worry about getting to 40 and suddenly think, OMG I must have children. Thankfully didn't happen! But my lovely man has 3 kids who I have known for 10+ years (they are now 11, 13 & 15) so I've had an experience of step-motherhood which has been both rewarding and frustrating. And another cat fan here.

  13. Really pretty silviolet. I love those tint shades. Really cool, I wonder how they are alone?

    Kids, well, I always wanted them. It never happened, in my first marriage I didn't want to have a child with an alcoholic. Then I married a man with three already, we tried to have our own but it didn't work. I got to be a mum the easy way (part-time, no diapers nor labor). The kids were older. It isn't the same as having my own exactly, at all really. While they tolerated me and were civil, I don't think they really have love for me. I love them as much as they let me, but I just hope they never have to put me in a nursing home or make decisions for me later! That scares me!

  14. better late than never, i hope!

    when i was growing up i loved kids. i was really into babysitting.

    then i fell in love with a man who was 16 years older than me. i realized that if he didn't want more kids (his youngest is 16) then i didn't want kids.

    i was convinced i didn't want kids for atleast 5 years.... and accidently got pregnant in december 2008... and we both were super excited. unfortunately, it didn't work out. so here i am in 2010, completely confused. i have no idea what i want! financially, it doesn't make sense... emotionally... i have no idea!

    wow, that was alot to dump on you! lol.