Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wet'n'Wild Craze quartet

From my swap with Karen
Frazzle & Aniploish (I love that name, I do!)

Are these not super-cute? Also my first W'n'W.
Cancun and Cozumel

Tahiti and Bora Bora

Holiday destinations for the implausibly rich and famous?

Animal Testing - Day 1 - results of research from PETA
First a copy/paste

Search for Cruelty-Free Companies and Products >

Results for Product That Do Not Test on Animals // Products: Nail Polish 

Peta Mall LinkPETA Mall Partner (Shopping at this company from PETA Mall link will provide a percentage to supporting PETA's work.)
VeganVegan Company

OK, back to me now. 

Some I've heard of (ELF) and that's quite straightforward but I now have to check out the others. I started with Anise Cosmetics as they looked promising with entries in the vegan and mall-partner columns.

Emailed them and they replied very promptly indeed. 

Hi Jenni,

THANKS for the note…we are BIG supporters of PETA and ALL animal rights organization…the first in the nail care business many years ago.

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally, nor do we sell online…..we make every seasonal collection FRESH …no sitting in warehouses…and “sell out” completely.

Wish we could assist.


So well done to them. They are based in Florida. They have great-looking polishes. 

This is called "Bring on the Silver".

And here is their contact info. I guess you'll have to go to Florida. Good luck with that. And serious best wishes to them. Long may they prosper.

So, of the fairly widely available (page 2 coming tomorrow) we have 
Hard Candy 
Hello Kitty

More news (and maybe even nails) tomorrow.



  1. Great job! I had no idea Hard Candy were ok. A spending spree on the cards, then.
    Loving the yellow polish. I tried some a while ago and got asked if I smoked roll-ups...nice.
    Love the name Bora Bora, been on the wish list for a while.

  2. I love yellow but it's rarely flattering.
    I'm sure I look a 60-a-day woman when I wear it too.

  3. Don't sell online? Okay then. I am planning to go to Florida later this year, but polish shopping is not on the agenda (Mr. Karen is only so indulgent of my hobby).

  4. this animal testing thing is really interesting :) i've never really thought about it before and im a vegetarian!

    I never realised that you can't get wet'n'wild in the uk as a friend bought me some a few years back. hmm i need some more

    anyways hope this works as im on my brothers dsi :)