Monday, 12 July 2010

YSL Black Tulip + Orly Purple Pleather + thanks to Karen

Karen, woo hoo!
Thank you for all the polishes.
Karen, I'll have you know, is she of Frazzle and Aniploish
We did a swap and I got my goodies first.
There are more polishes than you can shake a stick at, I tell ya! And I'm going to drip-feed the images over another 2 days. How I love a swap. Of course, I'm agonising now that she hasn't received her package. Especially since it's about a month since I sent Susie of Susie's Home and Hobbies her giveaway package and it still hasn't reached her. I am quaking slightly. Do hope the bloomin' Post Office (and I do love them really) get their finger out.

YSL is the one that look like aubergine (eggplant). But black tulip is just as appropriate an appellation.
The Orly is part of the Plastix collection. It's semi-matte/satin. Quite nice to stroke it with a fingertip, very soft.

This shows the value of  SHAMELESS BEGGING.

Karen intimated that she wasn't that keen on this when she showed it on her blog so I essentially asked if I could have it. Cheeky, huh. 

The YSL is 2 coats and also the Orly. 

The YSL really doesn't look this dark IRL but my camera couldn't handle the 2 differing finishes.

Purple Pleather.
I want it to mean..
Well, work it out from the context.
"Eh, lass, you've got yourself in a right pleather. Sit down wi' me and 'ave a cuppa tea."

That's not what it really means but I think my alternative is infinitely superior to the pedestrian "plastic leather" definition.

And a purple pleather is getting your knickers in an even bigger twist than an everyday pleather.

So, 2 more Karen polishes. Eye-popping goodies.

DVD and Spectrum. I swear to you that these are make-up-your-own-superlative.

Remember to check Lacquerized for her researches into polish and animal testing. I'm going to find out what British law (or more likely the EU) has to say on the matter. This could take a while. I haven't forgotten this but you know how it goes - you have to ask the right questions.

Goodbye from me and my dogs and my woodpecker and my bullfinches


  1. Ooh, that YSL looks so fab!

  2. It is fab. The pix are poor.

  3. I was glad to know the Orly was going to someone interested in her. No need for agonizing about the polishes coming to me just yet; I've had things take three weeks from Canada and there's no ocean in the way. :)

  4. 3 weeks from Canada and you're right next door to Canada! Wow.

  5. Oooh. The plastix polish is very interesting - I can't wait to get my mitts on one! Black Tulip is stunning.

  6. Gorgeous YSL!
    I am still waiting on my ASOS package, thought it would arrive today and it didn't. Hope it comes tomorrow or I will kick up a stinkypoo.

  7. I love that YSL colour, so sophisticated and yummy and the packaging is rather splendid, too.
    You have a woodpecker? Jealous! I've only seen them in India, bloody townie that I am.

  8. I like the look of the Orly, the texture looks lovely.