Friday, 2 July 2010

Bourjois 1 Seconde Greyish black or Blackish grey

This is my LH but the accent finger isn't subtle enough - dammit

The flash makes this look much lighter than it is
Lovely and creamy
2 coats but could have made do with 1

That's more like it. Shiny, happy nails. Much more colour-accurate.
Trouble is that one can see the ragged filing on 2 nails. FFS I have a Leighton Denny £10 file and I still make a pig's ear of it. How? Why? And why do I sometimes punctuate and fail to do so on other occasions? 43.

The accent has GOSH Rainbow

I love Bourjois polishes. I haven't had a single Bourjois polish I haven't really liked/admired/loved.
What do you think of Bourjois? Some say the colour range is a bit bland but what thinkest thou?

Still too darned hot.


  1. I like the accent nail, I love a bit of Gosh Rainbow. I do think Bourjois could have a better colour range, but I do like the ones I've got.

  2. Blinking gorgeous grey-ish black nails and yes, it is hot (speaks a woman who spends a couple of months in India each year).
    Ad astra per alia porci!

  3. I can't comment on the color range, having not seen it myself, but I do like this one.

  4. It seems like Gosh Rainbow or Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure makes EVERYTHING look good. :)

    And on you, even more fabulous!

  5. I am a new follower: )
    I haven't heard of this brand but interesting.

    I am having a give-a-way pls check out my blog if you like

  6. Very nice. I only have one Bourjois polish (a red/black shade) i agree with the people saying that the colours aren't the most interesting but the formula is lovely. And i love the brush on these polishes.