Saturday, 3 July 2010

Eyeko Vampira - the lazy woman's guide to vampy nails

Loved the Bourjois but hadn't applied it well and had made a c0ck-up of the filing and hadn't the time to do a full revamp so slung 1 coat Vampira over the top
First time of asking for the Vampira and it needed no encouragement/went on easily and needed only the 1 coat
Now I know you'll protest that it went over a blackish base but I feel that you wouldn't need a lot of those for opacity even starting from scratch. So shoot me.

2 points

Point 1 - I love all the Eyeko I have and I think they're a great brand
Point 2 - I had CG Lubu Heels and it was a massive disappointment and this is honestly stacks better
Point 3 - My nails/hands are so dry I had to anoint myself liberally with oil - I am such a slacker
Point 4 - The amount of retouching I do digitally to make my ring finger (warty witch that I am) tolerable does make it look rather freaky but that's probably a good thing for Vampira
Point 5 - The other hand is still silver and I think that makes for a good look
Point 6 - The assistant in Sally's liked my nails this week (but I can't remember what I was wearing)
Point 7 - A bloke at Worcester Racecourse was impressed too

What mani of yours has gained the most remarks (favourable or otherwise)?
Keep on truckin'



  1. When I did my Gloomy nails!

    I love the little murderous bear.

    But I love the vampy look. You need to be very good with the brush though. :)

  2. I like the vampy look too! My most commented upon nails were Nails Inc The Thames (dark grey creme) - back before grey and greige nails became commonplace, and about 5 people at work commented on them as if they were the most bizarre thing they'd ever seen.

    p.s. just read your stash list. woooahhh, jealous of your lovely collection!

  3. Actually my stash list needs updating. I have lots more now!!!
    Dark polish on short nails is so good. I love short nails.
    Gonna check out the gloomy AND Nails Inc Thames.

  4. Love dark polish on short nails. It always seems to catch my eye and makes me want to take off the falsie and just paint my teenies with dark polish ha!


  5. You can really grab things with nubbins and scratch and stuff. Makes me feel more powerful. Not so precious. Having to be careful. I'm going to keep them short if I can remember to file them!

  6. I love this on you, looks really nice. I keep my nail short and it works better for most polishes I think, makes life a bit easier anyway! The last compliment I got was on my Essie Sag Harbour from a nice lady working in Gap...does that count?!x

  7. Stellie: That does count. Yes. The guy who noticed my nails was more bemused than admiring so compliments count double.

  8. I love this vampy pretty :D

  9. Gorgeous shade and rather classy in a vimpire-ish kind of a way.
    Hooray for men who're impressed by nail polish.
    I have a Bourjois violet colour that always gets admired by the old dears at my hydrotherapy class.

  10. you crack me up. just what i need before starting work on a saturday morning when everyone is going to BBQ's!

  11. My new resolution is to have 1 vampy hand and 1 neutral.
    Neutral to me means: pink, taupe, white, black, brown, greige.
    I like flexing my fingers into a claw!
    I will scratch you!

  12. Very dark and mysterious!

    Bright rainbow skittles probably got the most attention; I'm sure the contrast between my age and the age of most people who wear that look helped. :)