Monday, 26 July 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm (holo)

I'm still anti-colour so today we have one of the best polishes I have.

You can sort-of see the holo on the ring finger. This is 3 coats. No TC.
Even if it cost more than a coupla quid it would be way worth it.

Look at the bottle!
I think this is a cross between dinosaur skin and fur.
People babble on about OPI My Private Jet but they can keep it. I don't know what gets better than this.
I want to stroke it. It's like velvet dinosaur skin-fur. It's like serenity and bliss in a bottle. It makes even my pudgy paws look vaguely half-decent. It's the song of the blackbird on a cool morning in May.

Now for the mundane.
In the UK it's available from Konad Nail Stamping Nail Art - Flashy Nails.
Every Diamond I have is a great polish.
Charm is one of only 2 polishes for which I have back-up.

It appears from my survey that most of you are dancer(s). Just saying.

The love of my life resurfaces on Thursday.
Test cricket. None of this 1-day malarkey. And 20-20 is beyond evil. The work of the devil.
England v Pakistan.
My cricket memories. Those days of yore.
My dream job would be cricket-commentator for the BBC. I kid you not.

Very cross as my googled image of Sir Geoffrey keeps disappearing. Bah, humbug.

This is one of my cricket heroes - Sir Geoffrey Boycott. Don't tell me he hasn't been ennobled because in my head he IS Sir Geoffrey. Why am I not doing a cricket-blog? Expect lots of cricket to have to skip beyond until the Test series is over but am I repentant? I am not.

Dream job?
Sporting hero?



  1. I love chainmail charm and that it's part of their core line which hopefully means that they'll never discontinue it *fingers crossed*

  2. Pretty! I wish I knew where to buy this brand other than online. I like to see the colors in a store first, then buy online. Have a great day!

  3. CC is a fab polish <3

    My sporting heroes are Michael Johnson and Alec Stewart :D

  4. Love that polish, it's fabulous!
    Cricket? Mike Brearley is my second cousin (but I've never met him).
    Dream job? Testing the sand on Arambol beach in Goa. Sporting Hero? The only sport I watch is the World Cup every four years so can't possibly give an intelligent

  5. Testing the sand! Ha! Good one, Vix. At least my job is a REAL job! It is though....
    Alec Stewart. Sound fellow.
    Lovenp: I know what you mean about seeing stuff first but you can get some great surprises buying sight unseen. And Diamond are cheap anyway.
    aP: They can't ever discontinue it. Nooooooooo!

  6. I love your discription of this polish! haha Velvet dinosaur skin-fur. This is why I read your blog. So great! :)

  7. That is gorgeous and what a brilliant way to describe it! x