Monday, 5 July 2010

Mavala Black Diamond + silvers + small haul

First up the Mavala

Only it started yesterday with this

I had 1 coat Maybelline Silver Speed and a coat of Misa Dance Fever
But I thought I'd done a lot of silver recently so decided I'd better sling something over the top
Was going to go dotty over the silver but realised that I'd have to paint the dots with my left hand - yeah, right...
Looked at my Mavala Diamonds collection (6) and chose Black
It's nothing special but the silver speckles do show through and it's pewtery in some lights so it's growing on me as it is a bit of layering that has produced a finish I don't otherwise have in a single bottle. It's black without being a saturated black.

Further shopping shenanigans

As well as the iron we were pursuing the OH had noticed a GAP sale and OH likes GAP.
Did I want some stuff from GAP? Oh, go on then. Twist my arm why don't you.....
It's only basic stuff, I know, but shopping is shopping at the end of the day.

I have no idea what the top thing is. It was in the sale. It could be a nightie. Or a dress for a young, thin, brave person. Or a long top. Or something one dons at the seaside over a bathing suit. Whatever. Looking at it now I do rather wonder if I'll ever put it on. Hm. Some kind of mania takes hold when we go shopping. We ended up with a huge salad bowl too.

Forgive the creased shorts. Two different prints! How bold. I wore these yesterday around the house and for dog-walking but was warned by OH that they are see-through and not to attempt to wear them for work. I'd describe my style as casual but even I wasn't going to wear these to work. Except maybe on a teacher-training day??? I love shorts and I shall be in these for the next three or four months. I didn't try them on but they fitted nicely with room to spare which is the kind of fit I prefer.

So - does anyone else HATE trying on clothes in shops? I do not want to see myself. I don't have a full-length mirror in the house. It's not just the body-image thing though. Out of clothes, in clothes, out of clothes, in clothes. Keys fall on the floor. Wallet falls on the floor. Hanger falls....Twirl, twist, turn. Yes? No? Too tight? Too loose? What do YOU think? Maybe a bit expensive? And then do it AGAIN in more shops.




  1. Oh, what pretties! That looks like lounging about wear to me, glass of something lovely in one hand wandering down the garden with a watering can.

  2. I can run with this. Lounging. Garden. Glass of water. Shovel. Clearing up after the........Nearly what you said, Vix.

  3. I'm exaclty the same about trying on clothes in shops. I always just buy something if I like it, try it on with various accessories/clothes at home and if I don't like it I simply take them back. Simples. Love the Mavala.

  4. The Mavala were a good buy. 6 for £6. Little but good.

  5. I love the Mavala, stunning!
    I have to be in the mood to try on clothes. A lot of the time I just get really hot and sweaty doing it.

  6. Love the nail polish combo xx