Friday, 9 July 2010

Six assorted eyeliners + nails + the history bit


From l to r (1st 3)

An ancient Guerlain - it still works and I'm not chucking it as it's Guerlain - anyway just look at the swatch!
UD - Metalhead (pretty sparkle but no inherent colour to speak of)
UD - Honey (but it's gold)

UD - Ecstasy
Dr Hauschka - black (see how fine a line this brush creates!)
Eyeko Magic with Models Own Aquavit Ripened Raisin - the magic (if such it be) lies in the use of this to pick up pigment from cake eyeshadow and thus be an eyeliner for all seasons BUT does it work? And why does an eyeshadow need such a ludicrously long name? Cheesh.

TBH I don't really know because I don't actually use any of these products. I bought them and tried them but my eyes are increasingly resistant to embellishment and adornment and therefore rebel by producing tears so these items are largely redundant. Boo hiss. I only bought the Eyeko a couple of weeks ago knowing full well that it would prove of no use to me due to allergies but nonetheless I proceeded. I sometimes have no more sense than next door's cat. And that is pretty stupid as it tends to lie prone before the wheels of moving vehicles!

Rainbow Pink with Canmake glitter topping (polishes still courtesy of Green Fairy/Polished Serenity)

The history bit - about eyeliner of course!! An item (plus explanation) from the British Museum.

"Perhaps from Thebes, Egypt
18th dynasty, about 1500-1440 BC.
Kohl pot, with texts
The owner of this object, Ahmose of Peniati, served as overseer of works to many of the kings of the early Eighteenth Dynasty, from Amenhotep I to Thutmose III. This pot for kohl, a black cosmetic for the eyes, is likely to have come from his tomb. The pot is divided into five compartments, four of which have associated texts on the outside. One says 'fine eye paint for every day', while the other three refer to the beginning and the end of each of the three main Egyptian seasons of four months each. This suggests that different forms of the cosmetic might have been used at different times of the year. A small protrusion on the top formed a swivel for the lid, which has not survived, while on the outside is a knob for tying it shut. Between two of the tubes is a metal loop which would have held the applicator stick."
So it was not just packaged but labelled and they had seasonal collections!!! And don't forget the applicator stick!!
A hot and bothered


  1. Urban Decay is my absolute fave makeup!

    Good taste! Their eyeliner pencils are awesome too. Smooth and they wear all day.

  2. I'm the same I have loads of eyeliners but as soon as i put them on i'm so teary it's unbelievable. The egyptians were pretty cool.

  3. Seasonal collections, LOL! Brilliant!
    I love eyeliner, used to wear it on my waterline, but like you my eyes have become increasingly sensitive so I have to pick products carefully.

  4. On the waterline??? Yikes.