Sunday, 25 July 2010

Misa Dance Fever + a market glitter thing

I love all Misas (mostly) and I keep coming back to this one, Dance Fever.

This is after 3 days of wear and you can see it's growing out a bit. But this stuff is indestructible. You don't need Shellac, stuff the Minx. All you need is Misa Dance Fever. You can't say fairer than that.

The bottle shown isn't Misa. It's a random bottle I got from a stall and it's useful to refresh a mani. The blue tinge does enhance/refresh the silver slightly and the bar glitter adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi even if it is rather shy most of the time.

Had a hangover yesterday so kept away from Egremont (that's my Mac) pretty much. I don't really drink any longer but came home on Friday and just sought oblivion in a bottle I'd been given. Thankful to get the last week over with. Phew.

Onwards and upwards from now on.

So - on with the philosophy. A question for you. Courtesy of Brandon Flowers.
It is this.

Are we human or are we dancer?



  1. I'm more of a dancer, I reckon. How about you?
    A hangover, how vile. I tend to stay topped up all weekend to avoid the beastly things. xxx

  2. I'm not in practice with drinking. I have to keep off the stuff for my own good. Borderline alkie. Trying-not-to-be-alkie.

  3. IS that string glitter? *drools*

    So when's the blog sale?

    Hint hint :P

  4. Ooh pretty!
    And we are Dancer. And our signs are vital.

  5. I <3 the Killers! and I <3 that beautiful shiny mani. And I'm neither human nor dancer, more of a spaceman meself. ;-)

  6. I want to be human. Definitely not dancer.