Sunday, 11 July 2010

Ciate Sienna + animal testing (not suggesting that the 2 are linked btw)

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't buy a polish from a range named after slebs (overpaid and underworked airheads for the most part) but this was £3 from asos. So there go my principles. See them? Fast fading into the distance. They'll be back.

It's a good colour. Greyish. Mauve-ish. Purple-ish. Generally rather on the -ish edge of the spectrum.


With a bit of added -ish.
This is 2 coats after 24 hours of wear.
I like it.

Animal Testing.
I can't say much about this other than that I deplore it. Kind of a "duh" statement.....
I really had assumed it no longer goes on. But Green Fairy brought it up in a comment yesterday with reference to Rimmel. I have 3 dogs. I may love my nail varnish but I love animals far more and if the nails have to go naked then so be it. I plead guilty to ignorance of this issue. I will have to rectify this forthwith. So my question is this?

A Does it bother you that cosmetics companies still animal-test?
B Do you want me to do a load of research (thanks, google) and publish my results?
C Do you want to do your own googling with reference to your own stash?
D Please don't leave comments that support/argue the case for animal-testing for cosmetics because I've done the devil's advocate thing in my own little head and I can't find a single valid reason in favour of aforementioned testing. I'm not remotely sentimental about animals but if they need guinea-pigs for cosmetics then they can ask me. If I have to suffer in the cause of vanity then so be it. I don't see why a chimp, beagle or rat need suffer on my behalf.

Watching dear little baby birds from my window and feeling guilty about my cavalier disregard for the welfare of critters



  1. Hey,

    I love your writing style "On the "ish" scale of the spectrum" made me crack up. I quite like that colour :D

    On animal testing,

    I find that even companies that profess not to test on animals use chemicals that have been tested on animals in their products. By that I mean that another company has tested this chemical on an animal and found it safe to use.
    Then so called "cruelty free" company uses this chemical in their products. So technically, they don't test on animals but they sure as hell do support it. So I don't know.

  2. I'm absolutely with you on the animal testing thing. I'm a vegetarian and love animals and it's just utterly disgusting that we are still doing it. Even medically i don't agree with it (it just doesn't work! Remember when all those human guinea pigs died ater trying something that was pronounced safe after animal testing?) but at least then it could save eyes. Whether or not a shampoo stings should not be found out by rubbing it in a rabbits eyes.
    However, like you, i've been a bit ignorant about it up until lately. I too have just assumed that few companies would still do it. There were some that i knew tested and avoided like the plague, and some i knew didn't but there were some i didn'ty know about and i'm ashamed to say that i just completely forgot to check with these companies. Now i've done my research and know a lot of companies to avoid but to be honest the whole thing is insanely complicated. For instance lots of companies no longer test on animals but use ingredients that were previously tested by other people. Or L'oreal who do sometimes still test, which is obviously awful, are also using piorneering new techniques and donate extensively to finding alternatives, so that's great. And then there's companies like The Body Shop that don't test on animals themselves but are owned by L'oreal, who do. It's all incredibly complicated :( Personally i am now going to buy from companies that don't test on animals themselves, but i don't think i could avoid all the ingredients that have once been tested and i am also going to keep shopping at companies like the body shop because they don't test on animals themselves. I'm, also not going to throw away my makeup that i bought not realising was tested because that would just be a waste.
    The good news is that in 2013 basically all new animal testing of cosmetics in the EU is going to be banned :)

  3. Thanks, Lena. I really have to do my homework on this. Ingredients are bound to be used which have been in use for a long period and originally tested on animals at a time when their welfare was of less general concern.

    It's clear that this is a minefield.

  4. Liking the asos :-) I am resisting the sale

    Gonna see if I can get any of those mood polishes- will drop you a line if can get em

    I am vegetarian too.. be very intrested to find out more, Know Lacquerised has done immense research and contacting various companys, her list is super useful.. deffo rather stick to animal friendly/vegan/vegetarian companies where poss :-)

  5. Thanks, Rebekah. Lacquerised then for my next stop.

  6. Being totally honest, It's never something I've worried about, but you are right. In this day and age they shouldn't need to test cosmetics on animals at all.
    I also agree that if you decide to block out any products that have ever been tested on animals back in the day then you'd probably just end up rinsing yourself with water every day and that'd be it...soo I don't's a toughie!
    I got some ASOS paints in the sale, hopefully I'll get them tomorrow.

  7. I mean obviously, if there's a choice between a brand that does not test on animals (like Barry M) and one that does, I'll go for the one that doesn't. However I am guilty of not knowing whether the polishes in my collection are tested on animals or not :/ I really need to research into it. Thanks for alerting us, jen.

  8. Lacquerized has a good rundown on this.
    Lillian, it just so happens I think the same as you. I shan't chuck stuff and waste it but I shall boycott the companies on Lacquerized's list for a start. And I'll try to keep up to date and better informed.
    Thanks to Green Fairy for alerting me to this.

  9. I love that colour, Jenni and such a bargain,too.
    Some research on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I try to stick to brands I know are animal friendly but it's a minefield out there.

  10. Thanks, Vix. I've already come up with two conflicting reports on Rimmel. Most of the auditing relies on the companies to a)answer (and some fail to respond) b) to tell the truth.
    Then they have to be asked the right question!
    This is going to be hard.

  11. A) Does it bother you that cosmetics companies still animal-test?

    Oh, absolutely. I'm on the fence when it comes to medical issues but certainly with cosmetics I don't think the end result is worth any creature's suffering.

    B) Do you want me to do a load of research (thanks, google) and publish my results?

    Well, if you did I would be interested to read what you find!

    C) Do you want to do your own googling with reference to your own stash?

    That's quite a good idea for a future blog entry. Thank you!

    D) ... Agreed!

  12. Beyond disappointing that companies still test cosmetics on animals, but ultimately I suppose it's really our fault for being ill-informed and not holding them to account by boycotting their products. I try not to buy anything tested on animals or with animal products in it, but the company names go out of my head as soon as I read the list every time. Thanks for the reminder that it's still out there--I'll try to be more accountable for what I buy. (I've heard Essie just went to the dark side, so look out there!) Would appreciate the results of any research!

  13. I am with you on animal testing as well. Is it a product FOR animals? No? Then it doesn't need to be tested on them. Simple. Really. Why people don't understand this, I have no idea.
    I don't remember who said it, but someone mentioned human guinea pigs dying after something was said to be safe after animal testing. THAT is another reason why animal testing is a no-go for me. Animals and people are not the same thing. Not everything that harms animals is harmful to humans (like dogs and chocolate, for a perfect example) and vice versa. So why do peple assume that because it didn't harm a bunny it won't completely vapourize the human race?
    lol Sorry darling, I didn't really know my own thoughts on the issue until you brought it up. Thanks for making me think!

  14. That's a good color indeed!

    I don't buy products from companies that test on animals, but I do have some in my stash that turned out to be of a brand that did test on animals.

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