Thursday, 8 July 2010

Rainbow My Favourite Blue Shimmer Pink

From my Green Fairy in Singapore swap. Rainbow number whatever.

That looks like polish on my index finger but it isn't. I have no idea what it is.
This Rainbow stuff has an extraordinarily good formula. This is 3 coats and it is exceptionally manageable.
This has not only a pronounced blue cast to it but also some very fine sparkle. It has a certain subtle duochrome quality to it in addition to its many other virtues. In short, bloomin' marvellous.
I have no idea how expensive this brand may be in its native land but, should you chance to spy it in your travels, I recommend strongly that you purchase.

I am sporting pink on each hand today. Quite unprecedented. What has got into me? Am I becoming.....................normal?

Report on YSL Copyright Red
Removed today after 4 days of wear
Minor tip wear barely visible
Rated 10/10
Obtainable on ebay by searching for "YSL laque" at a significantly reduced price

Now for the history.
Radio 4 has an excellent series which seeks to chart the whole of human history (well, perhaps that's a slightly exaggerated claim) through the examination of 100 objects.

OUR object today is this:

It is a cosmetics palette. The text below is from the BBC website.

Cosmetics palettes like this one were used to grind cosmetic paints, such as galena or green malachite, with a pebble. There is a slightly polished area on the palette where the grinding would have occurred. The earliest cosmetic palettes are dated to 5000 BC and were rectangular. This one was made between 3400-3300 BC and would have been used by someone in the middle classes. It is made from mudstone, which is fossilised compressed mud, and the stains visible in the photograph are probably from the next stratum of rock.

In Ancient Egypt woman and men both wore cosmetics and cosmetic equipment, such as this palette, have often been found in tombs indicating that they were vital objects to the owners.

Cosmetics are as old as vanity and Ancient Egypt has the earliest evidence of their use. The way in which cosmetics are used has changed very little in the thousands of years since their invention, they are still used to highlight features or cover blemishes. The global cosmetics industry today is worth an estimated £30 billion but its origins are in ancient mudstone palettes like this.

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  1. That polish is beautiful, i love the blue duochrome! And that was so interesting about the ancient palette. Nice

  2. Wow that's really interesting i love the history of things :) Pretty polish too.

  3. There will be more historical delights to come!

  4. That polish is so girly and gorgeous x

  5. Good gracious, I love that bit of history. Incredible stuff.
    Pretty polish. You, normal? Never!

  6. Thank you for the education! I like the pink, it's subtle but the shimmer gives it an edge.

  7. Pretty in pink! I adore the sparkly tone:)

  8. Rainbow is cheap!

    After a quick conversion, S$2 is 95pence. seriously.

    It's a great polish as well. Jen, we should do more swaps! And I will be quicker this time :P