Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Without further ado...

This bunch - £2.50
Ablaze - swatched once RESERVED
Scoundrel - twice SOLD
Star of the Party - once
Minger - NEW

GOSH Frou-frou - NEW SOLD
Aqua Baby - twice RESERVED
Cherry Crystal - twice RESERVED
Harmony - once RESERVED
Ruby & Millie 430P - NEW (£1.50)

Beige Sophistique - once
Sienna - once SOLD
Blue Moon - once SOLD
Bee's Knees - once
Dolce Vita Fuchsia - once

£2 (the duochromes)
Versace V2033 - once
Foxy & Folksy - once RESERVED

Berry Ice-cream - NEW
Golden Peach - NEW SOLD
Toxic Seduction - twice RESERVED
Cloud - once SOLD
Tea Rose - once (£1) SOLD

I'm not lying to you - these are sheer - but they are pretty
Steppin Out - once
Pound Cake - once SOLD
Luscious Lips - once
T-Bills Putty - once SOLD
Body Language - once

Shipping and paying and all that jazz.......
Well, that all depends.......
For anywhere outside the UK I'll have to find out for you and let you know.
For the UK it'll vary from about just over a pound to maybe 2 quid???
In short, you let me know if you want anything and where you are. I weigh stuff and give you a price. Has to be paypal, m'dears.

I'm exhausted after all that! Natural entrepreneur I am not.

This is pound cake with peaches and cream.

And this is a bee with knees. I think I like the bee the best. Better even than cake.

Have you ever held a blog sale? If so, did it work well?



  1. Could I please have the Misa and Aqua Baby polishes? I'm in the UK. :-)

  2. OK, Danielle. Is that the Toxic Seduction, Foxy and Aqua Baby? 3 polishes? I'll put RESERVED on them.

  3. Danielle, that's £5.50 + £1.95 postage. So, £7.45.
    Email me your address to and we'll fix up payment etc.
    Thank you!

  4. Oooh lovely, I love blog sales! :) I'm nursing a migraine so I need to cheer myself up. Silly weather!
    Can I purchase three please? :
    Models Own - Blue Moon (wish I had this since I saw your swatch!)
    Models Own - Golden Peach
    Topshop - Cloud
    I'm in the UK.

  5. Ok, Gemx.
    That's £4.50 plus £1.95. So £6.45 to you!
    Email your address to me ...
    ...and we'll do the deal.
    Migraine. Yes, high pressure is rubbish for migraine. I hate summer!

  6. Scoundrel and Sienna please if still available?


  7. Yes, those 2 for Jo. I'll go and find the P&P.

  8. Frou-frou, Pound Cake, T-Bills Putty, and Tea Rose, if possible. As you know, I'm in the U.S., but PayPal assures me I can send £.

  9. Jo, it's £5.55 including P&P. Send me your address to Thank you!

  10. Karen, the polishes are £6 and the postage is either £2.32 or £4.22. The cheaper option takes forever as you know. The more expensive one is airmail. Let me know and remind me of your address again at Thanks!!!

  11. What a fab selection, looks like the sale's going down a treat. Love the name "Minger", is it for real?
    I'm preferring the trouser-wearing bee to the cake, too. xx

  12. Yes, it is called Minger. Butter London also do Stroppy and Chuffed. But Minger is possibly the standout.

    What is it with bees and their knees, huh?

  13. Oh no, I'm too late! But in case some of these fall through, please let me know:
    BL Scoundrel, Asos Sienna, Nails Cloud, Misa Toxic Seduction
    I'm in Austria/Europe, my email is vedra(AT)
    TY! :)

  14. If they're still available could i please have:
    Ablaze, Cherry Crystal and Harmony?

  15. Sorry, Vedra. :o( I'll let you know if any of these become available.

    Lillian, you can have those. I'll email you.

  16. I missed the sale, lol. But hooowhee! That pound cake looks delish! *is drooling just a little*